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Flat & Tidy Starlight Drive Mod Clearance,
This Mod clears the settlement completely and puts walls and prewar trees around the settlement.

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Flat& Tidy Starlight Drive

11.08.18 - Updated - Entrances made wider and no trees and grass as been added again at request. - Please use old file if non grass version required.

This mod is a complete clear up and levelling of the starlight Drive settlement.

It’s also been walled all the way round and completely navmeshed so NPC and settlers can come and go.

The workshop is fully working with comment markers and decals added. Along with a cat and many effect such as dust and leaves falling.
All the triggers are left in place so the game should play through flawlessly.

I have extensively test this mod to make sure things work correctly, and placing this anywhere else but near the bottom of your load
order or anything that is liable to effect starlight drive may result in trash, bushes and trees re-spawning.

I'm brand new with the modding scene so be gentle if you find any bugs or glitches, please let me know, and if possible, let me know of
any possible solutions.  Thank you for your interest in this Mod and the support please enjoy.