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Made these for PS4 users, but figured some here may want it. So far it is just BoS and MM, but I plan to do the Institute and RR as well.

Permissions and credits
Makes all Factions use their Creation Club Skins. This mod also makes companions use the CC skins on their weapons.I did this buy creating new, faction specific weapons and armor of every armor affected by the CC skins. This allows the mod to work with a wide variety of mods and reduces conflicts to a bare minimum.

Before updating from V1.1 you must follow these steps.
1. Go to a private cell like Sanctuary Bunker.
2. Save the game.
3. Exit the game and uninstall mod.
4. Load the game without the mod, save, and exit.
5. Download the V2 and load up your game.
6. Sleep or rest till world cell reset. This varies by difficulty (3-20 days for Easy-Very Hard, 35-80 days for Survival).
7. Save game and exit cell.
8. Enjoy the game.




Current Features:

Brotherhood Overhaul:
1.Makes the BoS use Creation Club textures on all weapons and armor.
2.Expanded the weapons at the BoS disposal to include Missile Launchers on Power Armor soldiers.

Minutemen Overhaul:
1.Makes the MM use Creation Club textures on all weapons and armor.
2.Expanded the weapons at the MM disposal to include: 10mm, combat rifle and shotgun, laser musket, assault rifle, and missile launcher.
3.Expanded the armor at the MM disposal to include: Leather, Metal, and Combat armor.

Gunner Overhaul:
1.All Gunner armor now will spawn with Gunner CC skins.
2.All Gunner weapons now will spawn with Gunner CC skins.

Rail Road Overhaul:
1. Makes RR agents wear the proper CC skins on their leather armor.
2. Adds a ton of weapons to the RR leveled lists using their new CC skins.

Institute Overhaul:
1. Makes synths spawn with full sets of armor using the CC skins.

1. Any mod that edits the LL, LLI, Outfits, and weapons of the various factions, or names members of the factions.
2. Any mod that edits vanilla weapons will no longer effect the weapons or armor dropped by the various factions. This is because I have created entirely new weapons that while using the same name are new weapons dropped in the world. Mod creators will have to make a patch to apply changes to the new weapons.
3. If you want a weapon or armor effected by other mods you will need to buy them from any vendor in game and apply the skin of your choice to it.