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A Mama Murphy overhaul which converts her into a unique supermutant.

Permissions and credits
Mama Mutie

It is abundantly clear that Murphy the Madwoman has likely used every drug available in the Commonwealth at some point.  In her long life of taking chemicals to enhance her clairvoyant powers, referred to as "the sight", whether or not it was intentional to take a substance laced with FEV is unclear.  However, the permanent consequences are clearly visible.

What This Mod Does
  A standalone mod that converts Mama Murphy into a supermutant with custom face, eyes, and body.  Her clothing has been altered to be compatible with her new form.  Also includes a mesh replacer for her chair, so she can sit in it.

   - Mods which retexture supermutant skins will not affect Mama Mutie.
   - Mods which alter Mama Murphy's base clothes will conflict with this mod.
   - Mods which change her npc data (I'm unaware of any) will also conflict without a merged patch.
   - Testing showed no issues installing or uninstalling on a pre-existing save.

Known Issues
   - hands through knees when turning while sitting (vanilla does this too, it's just exaggerated with such big hands)
   - jacket through legs when sitting (but why are you staring at her crotch anyway?)
   - a bit of neck seam issue, but only under certain lighting/angles
   - not sitting on the couch in concord

Credits and Thanks
Elianora for F4CK help
dr_mabuse1981 for .DDS compression tips
NaiRae for giving me the courage to share this silly mod

If you want to see Mama Mutie in action, Al ChestBreach showed her off in this video:

Mama Mutie also got featured by TrollenBros here:


   - Outfit Studio
   - Nifskope
   - xEdit
   - Material Editor
   - Fo4 Creation Kit

ENB used in screenshots: Seasons of the Abyss