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Cleans the crap out of the old subway station in the North Sector of Vault 88. Extends the lines a little and adds a small station section at the end of one of the tunnels.

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I've always wanted to be able to build a settlement in a proper subway station, so I was very disappointed to find the Vault 88 subway station in the North Sector was unusable. This mod cleans up all the crap and extends two of the lines, one which ends in a rock wall and the other in a small but useable station area.

NOTE: Not sure if this will interfere with the "activate the North Sector" quest. I didn't remove any baddies, but who knows. If someone wants to give it a test I'd appreciate the feedback.

SAFE BET: Install this mod AFTER clearing the North Sector

ALSO, I've tried everything in my (limited) capacity to get the floor of the station to work. The section in the small new subway station can have objects placed on it but not building floors and the like. I tried Place Everywhere, but the FOSE version available is out of date and it didn't work. You can use rugs / plywood etc to make the floor usable. The walls and roof work fine.

SCRAP EVERYTHING:  Best to place this mod AFTER scrap everything or any other scrap mod in your load order. From what I've tested, it looks as if all the crap returns otherwise.

I had 2 separate attempts at getting the floor to work; one uses submerged rugs (inside the new ticket area) and one that uses submerged floor panels (just outside the new ticket area). Feedback would be appreciated as to your experience of these regions.

This is my first bash at an internal area. I navmeshed it (messy but functional) and the build area extends all the way to the end of both tunnels.

Please either comment or message me about your experience of this area, if you so wish.