Fallout 4
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This mod turns the vanilla Assault Rifle into a .50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun.

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Here's the version for XB1! 
And one for PS4, while I'm at it!


Hey there! 

I always thought the vanilla assault rifle would have been better off as it was originally intended, a .50 Cal heavy machine gun that looks cool with power armor. I was inspired by this mod, which I've used for a while. (Also, if you want a version of this mod that doesn't do things like change perk requirements or nix semi-automatic receivers, I highly recommend theirs instead, its good!!)

I've done a few things;

First, I've brought the base damage up to 45 -(35%), which is how the game calculates automatic receiver damage. Then, I've brought the fire rate down to 516 RPM, which the game displays as 86 (Incidentally, the number it displays is the number of rounds fired every ten seconds. I don't know why Bethesda did this instead of simply displaying the DPS or something, but whatever.)
The weapon no longer has any semi-automatic receivers. You cannot craft any, nor will any spawn on the weapon in the wild. The marksman stock has also been removed. You don't really need to be precise if you're spraying .50 cal rounds all over the place. On that note, I've also upped the recoil accordingly. 
The perk requirements for crafting receivers is also different, and has progression similar to the Submachine Gun, just with greater requirements. The automatic receiver is available by default. You can craft the armor-piercing automatic receiver at Gun Nut 1, the hardened automatic receiver at Gun Nut 2, the hardened piercing and rapid receivers and Gun Nut 3, and the powerful automatic receiver at Gun Nut 4. 
The machine gun is now only effected by the Heavy Gunner perk tree and associated damage boosting perks. It is not effected by Rifleman or Commando. I figured it would be too powerful if it was affected by Commando as well. 

This is compatible with the CC weapon paints framework, just so you know.

I think that about covers it! Please report any bugs you happen to find. I don't think this mod will mesh well if you have a vanilla assault rifle with a semi-automatic receiver near you, just a heads up. I'm not sure what will happen to the weapon, but I don't think it will be anything good.