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A mysterious station appears in Commonwealth, Its broadcasts are nothing but numbers and strange sounds.

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1. Introduction

On 2278 in Capital Wasteland Three Dog the host of the Galaxy News Radio went out for a walk and mysteriously disappeared. Some blamed the super mutants, some blamed the new Brotherhood under Elder Maxxon, others said it could be the work of the Lone Wanderer. 
Whatever was the reason suddenly new strange signals started to appear in the radio waves in the Wasteland. In Commonwealth, the Sole Survivor found old Pip-Boy in Vault 111. He or she picked up and turned the radio dial. The radio entry "Numbers Stations" was on the list. A few seconds of silence and then voices followed...Numbers, voices, sounds and strange tunes. Some say they are ghosts from the past, some say these numbers were used before the Great War by military and spies. People in Wasteland sometimes tune to this station and listen for hours for reasons of their own. 

2. What is this?
What you will hear will be 2-hour minimalist dark ambient track containing recordings of real numbers stations, military communications and special guest star preacher. 

3. Why this has to be in Fallout game?
Many of us know the legend of Fallout 3 numbers station - well here it is. Also, dark ambience and numbers stations to my mind and others fit such game. 

4. Who made this and how?
I am the author of this track. The samples are from The Conet Project Archive and my own Shortwave radio recordings. The track copyright belongs to me and Numbers Stations Research and Information Center. The track was made using simple music making software,

5. Known issues and fix?

When you install or remove some mod from the game the load order changes and can silence the radio station. In this case, disable the Numbersstation.esm in nexus mod manager. Load game, save and exit. Enable the esm again and radio will play again. 
The track is 2 hours long so expect the wav file to be 1 GB. 

Come and read The Numbers Station Research and Information Center Page In short numbers stations are coded messages on the radio for military and intelligence operatives and are still used today. 

Come also check my other mod the XM Radio similar dark ambient radio based on shortwave radio.