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No more auto-heal for crippled limbs (affects player and NPCs).

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Disables the crippled limbs auto-heal for the player and NPCs for a more realistic and tactical experience. To heal you, just use stimpacks or go to a doctor (sleeping heals as well, but I plan to disable that in future updates). To heal enemies, aim to the head and shoot (joking).

Installation :
1. Extract the file into your Fallout 4\Data folder (default location in : Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data).
2. Edit "plugins.txt" located in Yourusername\AppData\Local\Fallout4
At the end of the file add this line :
Crippled limbs fix.esp
3. After that you will need to set the file in read only (right click to the file, properties, check read only).

You're ready to go.

Various optional files are included, for those who like more realism in gameplay :
* Realistic fall damageBreak legs when falling from highs (special thanks to JackArbiter and his awesome "Arbitration")
* Realistic crippling damages (affects player and NPCs)One hit cripple hardcore and difficult ironsights/scope aiming when injured (requires "Real World Damages" by PiZZADOX to work, and to be loaded in priority - past at the bottom of plugins.txt). Recommended 10 in endurance and non scaling enemies (already included in Real World Damages).
* Mute heartbeat sound.
* Stimpack don't heal limbs - Now only doctors can heal you.
* No crippled vault boy icon - Hide vault boy icon when injured.

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Arbitration - Gameplay Overhaul - Damage - Stealth - AI - Speed by JackArbiter (or his standalones to fit your tastes)
Real World Damages by PiZZADOX
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