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A mod that seeks to bring a larger and more developed catalog of walls, roofs, floors, and other structural pieces to the Settlement Workshop.

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The Future is Here!

The inaugural line of products from Stain’s studio has arrived: Stain’s Structures!

What is It?

Found in the Settlement Workshop under the Buildings category, “Stain’s Structures” is a series of blueprints designed for ease of construction and versatility of use for the average wastelander. No more shall you be limited to living in crude and dreary hovels of questionable stability!Stability of Stain's Structures pieces not guaranteed

At its core is the Frame and Facade system, where you place your choice of Wall Frame onto a (prebuilt) floor and then attach any combination of Wall Facade to both sides. So easy, even a Super Mutant could do it!

Included in this set are the following Wall Frames:

On these Wall Frames, the following Wall Facades can be placed:

"Board and Batten", Salvaged White

Alternating wooden boards set in a vertical fashion. Once a mainstay in Pre-War exterior siding.

“Corrugated Basic”, Salvaged Metal

Floor-to-ceiling sheets of corrugated metal. A classic post-apocalyptic choice for any home.

“Picket and Metal”, Robin’s Egg/White

Metal panels with a picket fence wainscot. A modern throwback to the American Dream.

“Plank and Ply”, Basic

These walls have no pretense of refinement or sophistication. They know what they are.

This set also comes with blueprints for 2 Window Frames that can be placed in the Window 01 Wall Frames, as well as three choices of Facade for each Window!


  • No DLC Required
  • Place Everywhere is highly recommended to take full advantage of this mod’s features (for example, placing internal Facades for entire rooms requires PE)


  • Install: Through your personal mod handling program or by copying the files in the .rar directly into the Fallout 4 Data Folder
  • Uninstall: Through the chem in the Chemistry Station named SS Uninstaller
  • In the event that the chem doesn’t work correctly, use DarthWayne’s Universal Categories Fixer (go to files > Universal missing menus fixer). After enabling the mod, load your save and wait several moments while the script flushes out your menus (if you have many mods installed which modify these menus, you should wait a couple minutes to be safe). After a short while, save your game, exit to the menu, disable the fixer, and load your save. Your menu should be back to normal!