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This is a compatibility patch for Horizon and Raider Overhaul.

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Level List Patch Details:

There is a level list patch AVAILABLE HERE!
It requires various mods but should add a lot of gear to your playthrough, installation and download instructions are all there!

Patch Details:

This is a compatibility patch for Horizon and Raider Overhaul. This patch is a REPLACER .ESP so let it overwrite the original.

Raider Overhaul and Horizon are not compatible whatsoever since they are both overhauls. Its a shame because Raider Overhaul has some of the best looking gear available. This patch adds in ONLY the outfits and headgear from raider overhaul so it is now completely safe to use with Horizon. It doesn't include the consumables, weapons or power armor, but I can add things in the future.
All the gear is craftable in the Tech Lab and is added to raider level lists. To craft, you must first craft the Raider Overhaul catalog found in the DEVICE section of the Tech Lab and have it in your inventory. (after crafting you must exit the tech lab and go back in. Just drop/store or destroy the catalog and the menus will disappear). I have sorted all of the gear into catagories so everything is easy to find.

I have wanted to redo raider level lists in Horizon for a while. I do not like Raiders in Horizon wearing clothes that are similar to settlers. I totally respect Zawinul's decision, this is simply my personal preference! I want those crazed mad-max style raiders back! What Ive done is completely remade the raider level lists. All of the Raider Overhaul gear has been added and I've removed most of the casual clothing. I have kept or added back in a lot of the clothing that the vanilla raiders had. I think they will have a much more distinct look now, and much similar to vanilla fallout raiders, but with all the cool new Raider Overhaul gear.
Ive included a patch that adds The Four Horsemen and Dread Headgear masks to the raider level lists as well, they will start appearing around level 7.

Zawinul for Horizon
MadMAX713 - Joemitchell320 - Thirdstorm - KKthebeast - MunkySpunk for Raider Overhaul
NCRranger5x for Dread Headgear
Shadowliger for The Four Horsemen
AWP3RATOR for The Wanderer's Trench Coat
Moore and Horus5 for Commonwealth Scavvers