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The third set of my personal mashups with 9 outfits included for female characters. This time, I find out how awesome suspenders look.

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Before Anything Else

I did my best to minimize the clipping across the three versions but I'm sorry if you still encounter some because I know I probably missed a couple of spots. 

About the Mod

Once you install the mod you should see two new groups and projects in Bodyslide named "FM - Plug n Play Badlands Mashups" and "FM - Picture Perfect Badlands Mashups" and you can only use one of them. I'll elaborate why on the next few sections but if you want to see the difference between the two versions I've also uploaded comparison shots on the page. Also, if you dig deep in the outfits on Outfit Studio you'll see that they have sliders named "ClippingFix" and "FittingSlider" or some other variations of the name near the bottom of the sliders list - DON'T DELETE THEM because they're essential in making sure that the clipping is minimal and that the outfits fit the preset as close as possible. If you do so accidentally don't worry you can just reinstall the mod. As for the stats, they're meant to be worn with arm and leg armor pieces which is why they're pretty modest aside from a few exceptions.

Plug N' Play Version

Use this if you want to use your own preset. This is the version of the the mod which is your typical Bodyslide outfit - just pick an outfit, pick a preset of your choice, hit build or batch build, and you're done! Your mileage may vary on how good this version looks on your character.

Picture Perfect Version

Use this if you want the best-looking version of the outfits shown on the file screenshots. This is the "special" and default version I use personally and the difference between this and other version is that you can only use the Bodyslide presets I included in the mod which are "FM Badlands Mashups Preset" and "FM Badlands Mashups AT Preset" for them to look right. You have to use the FM Badlands Mashups AT Preset on the outfits that have "AT" on the end of their names in Bodyslide and for the rest you use the FM Badlands Mashups Preset. I know it's confusing but if you're alright with not using your own preset this version looks the best.

Getting the Outfits

It's pretty simple - you can craft the outfits on the Armorsmith Workbench under the following sections:

The Minutewoman Noire: Outfits - Minutemen
Raider Temptress: Outfits - Raider
Gunslinger Casuals: Outfits - Rugged
Wasteland Widowmaker: Outfits - Dapper
Commonwealth Seductress: Outfits - Skimpy Shorts
Boston Wayfarer: Outfits - Rugged
Boston Anarchist: Outfits - Casual
Mentha Special: Outfits - Rugged
Vault Executive Outfit: Outfits - Vault-Tec

If you want to bypass the requirements to build them just hit the tilde (~) key on your keyboard to bring up the console and type in "help part of the outfit's name 4" without the quotes then hit enter to see the outfit's ID. After that, type "player.additem ID of the outfit 1" again without the quotes then press enter - the outfit should appear in your inventory.

Outfit Backstories

Thanks to ThePreacher here's some flavor text for the outfits!
Except for one because it's special.

The Minutewoman Noire:
 A mixture of detective and commonwealth citizen solider, the Noire is a staple among the General's outfits. Considering how snug it looks a woman does need to breath in it, don't you think?

Raider Temptress:
A bit rough around the edges, enough skin shown to torment even the straightest of women alike, the Temptress does just that, tempt the souls of the wicked before they're on the receiving end of a knife and not exactly a sharp one either.

Gunslinger Casuals:
Complete with extra support from the suspenders, this casual outfit is both slick and stylish. A woman has to wonder what passed for 'proper' these days in Boston.

Wasteland Widowmaker:
One part sexy, the other dangerous, this corset and jeans combo has the lovely way of turning heads both before and after the Sole Survivor breaks neck. 'Dat Booty' not included sadly.

Commonwealth Seductress:
A wool top that is held up by the bust and a pair of cut off shorts that show off enough skin to even make the blindest of men go slack jawed the Seductress does its job well, some could even argue too well.

Boston Wayfarer:
The Wayfarer is meant for a more durable venture out into the wasteland while keeping the Survivor mobile. It wouldn't take much however for the outfit to go from being a Wayfarer to become something more appealing though. Sultry leg tattoo not included.

Boston Anarchist:
There's nothing wrong with the world and how it is, General. Some people just want to see the world burn. The Anarchist though stylish shows that even the most twisted of individuals can rock the purple and still be a firebug while they're at it.

Vault Executive Outfit:
The VEO was a bit of a twisted amalgamation of the vault suit and an old prewar suit. Due to the latter's sheer damaged condition it was -literally- held together by the snug material of the Vault-Tec suit. Professional and sensible all at the same time.


Without these authors and their mods making this would be impossible to me. Give their files a download if you haven't already!

spacepoptart - Unzipped Vault Suit - CBBE - Bodyslide - AWKCR

femshepping - Femshepping and SootDirt's Female Wanderer Fashion Collection - Vanilla and CBBE

Niero and Th3Kite/TheKite -  TheKite's MilitiaWoman Outfit and TheKite's Handmaiden

Niero - CROSS_BrotherhoodRecon

nadriel - Bunnygirl Outfit - CBBE - AWKCR

jet4571 - Cute Yennefer Minidress

Jordan1q2 - JC - Shirt and Jeans

newermind43 - Post Nuclear Outfit-CBBE-Body slide

Elianora - Eli's Armour Compendium, Eli's Sleeveless Outfits (VANILLA and CBBE) and Eli's Rugged Outfits - CBBE

nsk13 - Commonwealth Shorts Vanilla-CBBE-JB

kingtobbe - Mama Murphy Scarf (not uploaded)

jmenaru - Waster Armor - CBBE - Bodyslide 

cloud911 - Wasteland Girl Armor Reloaded - CBBE Bodyslide - Vanilla 

Mods Used in the Screenshots

Subtle ENB - Immersive Wasteland Preset

Pride of Valhalla - HD Skin Set for CBBE

LooksMenu Body Tattoos (CBBE) (EVB or vanilla)

Dave's Poses

Rad-Ban Eyewear Inc.

Who Are Those Characters in the Screenshots?

Samantha - A LooksMenu Preset and Save File

Clarissa - A LooksMenu Preset and Save File

Eleanor - A LooksMenu Preset and Save File

Need More Outfits?
Why not check out my Commonwealth Mashups and Wasteland Mashups mod too?

One Last Thing

I'd love to see screenshots from you guys so don't hesitate to upload images of your characters wearing them!