Fallout 4

About this mod

Vault 88 Building complete.
Welcome hall, barber store and elevator. Central atrium, luxurious rooms offered by More Vault Rooms mod and many other features.

Permissions and credits
Graygarden highway settlementWasteland Project's Vault 88 

Building revolves around More Vault Rooms mod: those who built the Vault 88 only with original dlc items will immediately realize the incredible improvements that mod allows to make.

Reactors site includes 
  • Vault-Tec super reactor (500 power production) 
  • Vault-Tec reactor (150 power production)
a fusion generator (100 power production) was added in the main entrance for powering turretsdecontamination arches and lights.

More Vault Rooms mod offers several versions of rooms:
  • Luxury
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla
  • Nuka-Cola 
 and others graphics variants of "classic" rooms Vault-Tec.

Some suites have bathrooms whose various gadgets:
  • toilet
  • paper dispenser
  • towel hook
  • soap tray
  • mirrors sink
  • water fountain
  • showers 

Moore vault rooms mod includes other interesting classics accessories refer to the clinic:
  • X-ray lightbox
  • oxygen tank
  • gurney
Then from Vault-Tec Workshop dlc the facial surgery chair and the surgery center.

  • hydroponics planters 
  • washing machines 
  • dryers for laundry room

Among the items "guard posts" have been added "security chairs" used for consoles of reactors.

Recommended Place Everywhere mod, very useful especially for installing vault lights, works with F4SE.

      Other features
  • Welcome hall with Vault Boy, barber store and elevator
  • Atrium central
  • Large reactor room
  • Trading emporium
  • Two cafeterias and game room
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Security plan with elevator, weapons and armor emporium
  • Overseer office
  • Gym and showers
  • Briefing room
  • Variable quarters for features and dimensions
  • Bathrooms and public lavatory
  • Hydroponics
  • Clinic with surgery center and chair for facial surgery
  • Doors of the vault near the tunnels
  • Screening hall optimized with vault doors
  • Hydroponics (north east sector) connected to water pumps (east sector) via wide halls and maintenance corridors

                      -IMPORTANT- Leave a SAVE GAME before installing the file
  • Before installation, to make sure installed all the files in the list of requirements.
  • To avoid artifacts the vault 88 building site must be completely cleared, including the overseer capsule main and desk.
 Mod Manager (Vortex)
Mod Manager decompresses automatically the .json file in DATA folder then it will appear in Pip-Boy during installation
 Manual Install Instructions
    Download and unzip to:
   C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints\17
  • Tested and working with TSB v1.53
  • No Bug
  • Fast travel OK

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