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Replaces Liberty Prime's external armor with a set of T-60. Because the people demanded it, or something.

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This mod replaces Liberty Prime's external armor with a set of Brotherhood T-60 power armor. This doesn't actually replace the base Liberty Prime model, it just sets him to use a seperate model, so any other mods that use the base model won't be affected by this. Just note that this only affects the fully completed Prime at the end of the Brotherhood quest.


That is a very good question, and the answer is simple: Because why not? But for real this originally started as a joke where a friend of mine mentioned Liberty Prime in power armor only to immediately decide it was stupid. It was so stupid that I just had to make it. 


HIIMPIEZ - Joked about the idea in the first place which lead me to create it.
Shaka1277 - Suggested the name.