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Allows you to customize the in-game camera with a convenient MCM interface, while also providing other features.

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Custom Camera
by Qudix

I''m working on this again (as of 6/9/2024)

Custom Camera is the spiritual implementation of the classic Customizable Camera for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition. Taking advantage of the new MCM system, it allows you to customize the in-game camera however you wish. Pair it together with FallSouls - Unpaused Game Menus to see your changes take affect in real-time.

Extra Features:
  • Three sliders for left, right, and vertical positioning.
  • Swap the camera from side to side with the press of a button!
  • Separate settings for Power Armor!
  • Toggle Free Cam with three different hotkeys, each with different effects.

  • Add Adaptive Crosshair based on current actor state.
  • Add a speed slider for Free Cam.

  • Needs more testing.


  • Any mod that modifies the camera will likely cause conflicts.
  • At startup, the mod overrides several INI values related to the camera. Any manual edits you make will have no effect.

Install & Uninstall:
  • A mod manager is recommended, making installing and uninstalling much easier.
  • My personal preference is Mod Organizer 2