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Adds 4 new Raider/Tribal themed animal skull helms and 3 sets of wearable wings made entirely of blades and other melee weapons. Update 2.0 adds more items see description for details.

Permissions and credits
What is this and what does it do?
This mod adds 4 new Raider/Tribal themed skull helms and 3 sets of angel wings made entirely of blades and other melee weapons. All items are craftable at the Armorsmith workbench under Raider, as such AWKCR is required for the mod. 

Things labeled this color were added or changed in the 2.0 update.

Available upgrades:

- The 4 skull helms are able to be upgraded via ballistic weave (must still be unlocked from Railroad)

- While the helms don't have any legendary effect currently applied the keywords are there so if you have a mod that allows you to add legendary effects you can add them (NOTE: the wings do NOT have the legendary keywords) 

- The 3 sets of Blade Angel Wings (large, medium, and small/micro) use slot [57] (via 2.0 update) which have 4 tiers of upgrades for carry weight. They are:
  • Packrat = +25 carry capacity (no requirement)
  • Collector = +50 carry capacity (requires Armorer Rank 2)
  • Hoarder = +75 carry capacity (requires Armorer Rank 3)
  • Junk Dealer = +100 carry capacity (requires Armor Rank 4)

- Bird of Plague, Death Bunny and Wendigo (The bird, bunny and deer skulls) all use the hair top, headband and eye slots. Some styles of short hair can clip through the sides of these 3 masks.
- Dog of War (the dog skull) unlike the others is a full helm so it uses hair top, hair long, headband, eyes, mouth, beard, and as of Update 2.0 it no longer uses the neck slot

- As stated above the 3 sets of Blade Angel wings all use slot 57 (via 2.0 update), used to be slot 54 in version 1.1. Change was made to so wings would be compatible with jetpack mods.

- Any items that use those slots will either unequip the items from this mod or cause them to turn invisible.

- The Blade Angel Wings lack collision, this is not an oversight it was done on purpose. When the wings had collision wearing the large or even medium wings caused problems with both doorways and low roofs.

- While the Large Blade Angel Wings are my favorite they are best used for screenshots only because due to their size playing in 3rd person they block much of the screen and also quite often block the screen during dialogue sequences as well. The Medium size also does block a bit too but since they are 50% smaller they block a lot less of the view.

Future Plans:
- Make 4 new Raider Bosses to act as the Four Horsemen with each one having one of the 4 helms and possibly a pair of the wings to allow players an immersive way of obtaining the items without simply crafting them.

- Make an optional file that makes the Blade Angel Wings as mods for Automatron Robots.

Companion mods/Patches:
Frost Patch - (By CrimsonLegion94) Adds the Gas Mask enchantment to the skull and other helms, yes all of them (Including those added in the 2.1 Update). Check it out.
Driveables of the Commonwealth - Dogs -(By BlahBlahDEEBlahBlah) Not directly related but Driveable Dogs uses some assets from this mod (with permission) to allow players to trick out their dog mounts. The mod is a lot of fun check it out!
Ruff Riders - Mounted Enemies of the Commonweath -(By BlahBlahDEEBlahBlah)Brand new mod that adds Raiders riding large armored dogs as new enemies in to several areas of the Commonwealth. Some of the Ruff Riders mounts will spawn wearing the skull helms from this mod, but beware those ones are very difficult to defeat! Check out the mod!

2.0 Update:

New Items
-Added 9 new headwears: Bear skull, Bunny Mask, Dog of War Skull Mask, Dog of War Skull Mask with Hood (counts as a full helmet), a plain black hood, Hood with Balaclava, Plague Doctor Mask (counts as full helmet, Werewolf Helm and Hooded Skull Mask (counts as a full helmet).

-One new wearable Accessory called Nixie Tube Augmentation, works on both male and female and uses slot 56. 

Upgrades for 2.0 items:
-Just like the original 4 helms the new headgear can be upgraded with ballistic weave and has the keywords to allow players to add legendary mods to them (provided they have a mod that gives them that ability that is)

-The Nixie Tube Augmentation has some color change options for the tubes, they are: Orange (default color), Blue, Green, Purple (may look pinkish in some light) and Red (may also look pinkish in some light). They can be changed at any time in the armor station and don't require any resources to do so. 

Compatibility of 2.0 Items:
-Bear Skull, Werewolf Helm use the hair top, headband, and eye slots

-Dog of War Mask with Hood, Plague Doctor Mask, and Hooded Skull Mask all use hair top, hair long, Face Gen, headband, eyes, mouth, and beard slots

-Bunny Mask and Dog of War Skull Mask use the headband and eye slots (hair can clip through these masks)
-Hood with balaclava uses hair top, hair long, mouth and beard slots

-The plain hood just uses hair top and hair long

Bodyslide Files for Nixie Tube Augmentation:

- The one included in the 2.0 update is set to fit regular CBBE body

-In the optional files section there is a file that contains the files needed to be able to make the Nixie Tube Augmentation fit personal presets. This is both a manual download and a use at your own risk file. I don't use custom presets in my game and have never created bodyslide files before but decided to create one as a courtesy. There is some distortion of some of the back Nixie tubes but it is relatively minor. Included in the download are instructions for placing the files so they can be seen by Bodyslide.