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Unofficial patch for using Pilgrim ENB and weathers with FROST. You'll get all of the eerie Pilgrim looks and sound effects while keeping the desolate climate and radiation hazards from FROST.

Permissions and credits
FROST - Pilgrim ENB and Weathers Patch

Pilgrim: Dread The Commonwealth’s horror film-like atmosphere is both a very well-executed and novel take on how Fallout 4 can look and is also absolutely perfect for FROST Survival Simulator's unforgiving setting. There are problems tho. Both have weather systems that are mod-specific and have different goals. Further, Pilgrim uses custom image spaces specifically tuned to its weathers and ENB preset making FROST's weathers and image spaces not 100% compatible with the Pilgrim ENB. This patch attempts to rectify these differences.

This is an unofficial file and is not the same as LegattOrdeaux's Pilgrim and Frost Weather Compatibility Patch. Please check out his take on a patch as an alternative!

The patch comes in two flavors when installing, Straight Patch and twizz0r's Cut.

The Straight Patch Version

  • Uses Pilgrim’s image spaces and weathers since they are specifically tuned to the Pilgrim ENB.
  • Keeps the Pilgrim soundtrack and sound effects while also keeping FROST's music.
  • Adds FROST’s weather-based radiation effects to Pilgrim weathers that overlap those in FROST.
  • Adds  Pilgrim analogues for FROST weathers that don't exist in Pilgrim.
  • Adds or replaces weathers in FROST's climates with Pilgrim weathers and/or their analogues where no overlap is available.
  • Adds Far Harbor support.

twizzor's Cut Adds:

  • Two new Pilgrim-based weathers (one for storms and one for snow) to better approximate (and extend) FROST's climates
  • A rad-fog effect to the Far Harbor Rad Fog weather analogue used in FROST.
  • Fog distance, audio and weather transition tweaks

Installation and Load Order:

The installer contains both version of the patch.  Just select one when installing in your mod manger. Your load order should be:

FROST - Pilgrim ENB and Weathers Patch.esp (or FROST - Pilgrim ENB and Weathers Patch TC.esp)


Far Harbor and Nuka World (required by FROST).
ENB binaries (required by Pilgrim) by Boris Vorontsov
Pilgrim: Dread The Commonwealth by TreyM and l00ping
FROST Survival Simulator by naugrim

Future Plans:

Tweak the rad fog, radiated rain and snow effects. Add Nuka World support when FROST includes it.


TreyM and l00ping for Pilgrim, naugrim for FROST, Densaleagion for his snow strategy.

My Other FROST Mods:

Made with FO4Edit (zilav), Materials Editor (ousnius), Nifskope, Photoshop , the Creation Kit and FOMOD Creator (nestquik).