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  1. KenjiHayuten
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    Hi, so I love this mod a lot, but I've run into a strange problem. Even though I've downloaded Move Settlement Spawn Point, the spawn button remains red and doesn't want to spawn settlers. Idk what I'm doing wrong but yeah, what do you suggest I do?
    1. wim95
      • supporter
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      "red button - limit reached at unassigned settlers or charisma"
    2. KenjiHayuten
      • premium
      • 6 posts
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      Thanks! I knew I was dumb lol
  2. Kregen
    • member
    • 470 posts
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    I find this an excellent mod for spawning settlers when working on a blueprint for testing purposes, would it be possible to add a dropdown menu when I press the button to choose race and sex of the settlers. IE male, female then human ghoul or my be even super mutant as well like the idea of having a tame super mutant on my guard force.
  3. Rustbucket1990
    • member
    • 212 posts
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    Build it, instantly yellow. Does not turn white, stays yellow. Not sure how this works. Is it possible that this is script lag and the game needs to get other stuff done first?
  4. someguynamedjoe
    • member
    • 1,172 posts
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    Does this work for Conqueror outposts?
  5. JohnShaft
    • premium
    • 642 posts
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    i love this mod so much. i can build at the pace i want and keep my population control exactly where i want. perfect
  6. garylong2016QT
    • member
    • 53 posts
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    i am very new and i have mod some about 80 mods and should i use ESL and not ESP
    this is my load order, as i may add more mods with some settlements later that have change the buildings back to the prewar they are all ESP that may count for about 10 or 15 mods with ESP

    # Automatically generated by Vortex
    *Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
    *Advanced Settlement Power - Contraptions.esp
    *Advanced Settlement Power.esp
    *Better Vendor Stalls.esp
    *Blues Radio DBR.esp
    *DD_AIO Test Mark 1.esp
    *CWSS Redux.esp
    *Craftable Cats.esp
    *Farming Resources.esp
    *Multiple Floors Sandboxing.esp
    *Jetpacks FAO.esp
    *Scrap Everything - Core.esp
  7. XannahDeux
    • member
    • 1,101 posts
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    I'm excited this might help my settlements.. BUT:
    So far, it doesn't seem to do anything. I'm using at the main Red Rocket by V-111.
    The button is white.. I press, after about 5 seconds it goes from red to white again, so I thought it worked.
    Nobody has shown up...

    Or maybe they all went into the mole-rat cave and hiding.
    1. pristo2007
      • member
      • 14 posts
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      this mod, helped https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34954?tab=description
      it sets the spawn point for the settler
  8. dragonsteel88
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    I have an odd problem. I'm trying to populate red rocket truck stop. it has zero settler . unassigned workers limit is set to 5. has three residential plots one agricultural plot and one industrial plot. yet despite all of this the button always glows red every time I press it. in fact it does this on all my settlements. pls help.
  9. BigAl79
    • member
    • 520 posts
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    Any plans to update this, sim settlements got a new xpac, lets you play as a raider with raider settlers, would be cool if you could summon raiders, or slaves.
    1. wim95
      • supporter
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      As far as possible, there is no time now
  10. danielwriedt
    • member
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    so, this might sound stupid.
    but in the special menu, where i can select and set down, an item called : spawn settler button
    with text on how to use it and what it does

    i suppose that is how it should look

    there is no standing button. just a floating head. and if i set down this floating head it reveals itself to be a randomised gunner wich attacks my settlers immediately because: i can only set this down in settlements

    do you see any possibility this could be fixed ?
    1. wim95
      • supporter
      • 1,021 posts
      • 134 kudos
      Show screenshots.