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Adds four new sets of synths(Spawned by console). They can help or hinder the player upon relaying in(Each NPC has the institute teleport effect). They fair better than the common synths in combat and ARE FRIENDLY TO NON HOSTILE NPCS so long as they're not enemies with the institute. MORE INFORMATION IN THE LARGER DESCRIPTION.

Permissions and credits
If you like it please endorse it! :D However, my computer is dying and I now upload the final versions of these files as well as the extras I made for myself. These FINAL parts are all made for Horizon. Fixed the issues in the prior installments as well. The game is no longer with me...So...Yea that's it.
I don't like starting over lol. Worked too hard to do that because the computer died. I'll likely not play Fallout again. As of now, 6/22/18, ANYONE can use or alter the work as they see fit. You can credit me if you want. I mean, it'd be nice. >.>

My final work from my previous first mod Synths ECU. I decided to work it up a bit and fix some issues to make them more balanced. Mostly I'd update the original page, but they won't show my images for whatever reason...
All variants are non hostile so long as they do not meet an enemy faction or common gen2 synths. They will attack with them if they meet them.
> Synth ECU - Elite Combat Unit. They're Gen2 Synths complete with all the things they should have to work like a proper synth npc. They can possibly help the new institute allied player in combat.
ECU are equipped with: Full Synth Heavy Armor with closed helms, rifles, cryo grenades and a baton. There are several variations starting from Mk I up to Mk VI(the strongest variant, complete with black synth armor.)Do not tamper with it,(IN CK) it's an effect that more or less happened automatically and cannot be forced to happen to my knowledge.
Fair warning: They cannot be snuck up on! ENJOY! XD
Their Mk levels start at I and go up to VI except for the Coursers and RCU(which goes only up to IV) Minus coursers they start from lvl 22(RCU)26(ECU)28(EAU) and jump ten levels the next Mk upward and so on.

>Synth EAU - Elite Armored Unit. They are very similar to the ECU save they're two levels higher and are complete in their Full X01 Institute armor.(blue tactical light). They can seriously take a beating and have a wider range of institute automatic weaponry. 

> Synth RCU - Refurbished Combat Unit. They merely are Gen1 synths with standard auto weapons. Not as strong as either, they're merely fodder in a sense but can still hold their own to a degree. However, they throw Synth Relay grenades so their main strength is overwhelming a enemy. I cannot vouch for the npc synth that is spawned from the grenade. It is an unchanged npc, unless you have mods that affect it.

> Courser Line Model - Named Courser npcs with Line at the end of their name to justify multiple placement. They're coursers like coursers are meant to be. They're strong and capable of clearing 30 BoS Knights in waves and all at once from my experience. It looks as though they may not survive, but they do. However, they're not impossible to kill if you want a challenge. 

They'll say their lines once the mod fixes itself in your load order.

Should you like the mod, please endorse it. Think of it as your way of telling me, without words, that you liked the mod. I appreciate it. Thank you.
To find the standard ECU, EAU and RCU synths type help "U." 4  and their codes should come up on the console. For the Coursers:  help " Line" 4 and their codes should appear as well. They are not allied to the player, just the institute. If you have a bad standing with them then prepare for combat. For now you can only bring them up by console. I know not how to inject them in leveled lists and part of the mod is a personal army, sort of,  they're special. I may add them in lists toward the future should I learn how. Thank you all. 

Lore Friendliness! 
I personally find them to be very lore friendly though I don't use the EAU or ECU or coursers until after my character is the head of the faction. The institute could very easily make them with their new...power abilities. Why, they even ask you if you want to work on weapons dev or synth production. I love using npcs in the field and wanted something that could be lore friendly and hold its own, so I made this mod. However, I do recommend sometimes just removing the mod and loading your save, saving, then putting it back... IF you placed these guys in multiple spots and want to clean up a bit.

Credit for what you see in my screenshots.(Not included into the mod itself)
I don't care what you really do with my mod so long as you credit me. A message to me wouldn't hurt either, I'm curious to see what it's used in or for. I won't really say no, I just want to know.
These are not required as they are purely cosmetic. I don't have any mods that affect the synths themselves.
The mods you see present in my screenshots affect my synths and their colors:
M.S.R - More Synth Recolors. You can find this on the Nexus here. However I deleted a few textures the mod added since I still wanted the old synths to have dirty armor and the black armor to stay the same. To do this go into your textures folder inside your data folder. Just del the metallic, old, dirty & black textures the mod adds. Otherwise I love what the mod does  ^_^ Beautiful.
X01 Power Armor Institute True White
. Is what I used for the Power armor to be that color. :)