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Add customizable dragon themed body tattoos with LooksMenu overlay

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Dragon Body Tattoos

Customizable dragon body tattoo sets for CBBE/Atomic Beauty females and EVB male bodies applied with LooksMenu overlays.  This is a tattoo overlay mod for LooksMenu.  The set includes 10 different options allowing you to mix and match.  Currently, the tattoos are featured in black, as LooksMenu doesn't yet support color swap body overlays.  You can also add these tattoos to any female or male NPC through LooksMenu too!

Two plugin styles to choose from: standard .esp or new light master .esl.  (.esl does not require use of a .esp slot in the 255 plugin limit)

If you enjoy overlays, check out my other mod: LooksMenu Nail Salon (CBBE - EVB - Vanilla)  and Tribal Body Tattoos Female (CBBE-Atomic Beauty) - Male (EVB)

*Male and Female support*

Screenshot auto-approval is turned on!  Please post your pictures!

  • Females works with any CBBE/Atomic texture set (does not change body textures, overlays only)
  • Males work with any EVB or vanilla texture (does not change body textures, overlays only)
  • Works with any clothing/outfit/armor mods
  • Works with Unique Player
  • Works with all female or male characters

  1. First Install LooksMenu and it's requirements (F4SE)
  2. Download through with Nexus Mod Manager
  3. Install as normal
  4. Ensure LMTODragonOalverlays.esp (*.esl) is active
  5. Start your game and enjoy!

***NMM 0.6.14 doesn't yet support .esl plugins.  If you are using NMM, please get the .esp version*** (MO2 and Vortex support .esl plugins)

To use:

  1. Open LooksMenu (console: slm 14)
  2. Edit Body
  3. Access Overlays
  4. R (or click) to Add
  5. Tattoos are labeled by body part and side of body (if applicable) - see below for complete list of available options

Tattoo options:
  • Arm Left (band)
  • Arm Left (sleeve)
  • Arm Right (band)
  • Arm Right (sleeve)
  • Back Left Dragon
  • Back Right Dragon
  • Back Stamp
  • Chest
  • Full Body 1 (shown in male screenshots)
  • Full Body 2 (shown in female screenshots)

Screenshot info:

Special thanks to vipervenom1977 for allowing me to port the textures from his body texture files,  expired6978 for LooksMenu.