Fallout 4
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Several new outfits for male characters based on the road leathers. Offers 4 different configurable layers to go from shirtless to fully clothed. Each layer has several configuration options from which to choose.

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Modular Road Leathers

This mod deconstructs the road leathers into layers from which you can construct new outfits for your male character.  The bottom most layer is the leather pants followed by a t-shirt, a shirt, and finally either the jacket or jacket vest.  All the layers (except the pants) are optional, so you can go shirtless, wear the vest without a shirt, a shirt without the vest or t-shirt, and so on. 

Each layer has several options so you can further customize your look.  You can tuck in the shirt or t-shirt, take the sleeves off, change the pattern or color, and much more. 

Thepeacemaker707 made this great compilation of the unmodified outfits

Checkout some amazing screenshots by Wolf and then try it out for yourself!  Craft the items at a Chem Station under "Modular Road Leathers" and mod them at the Armor Workbench.  From the console, use "Help MLU 4 armo" to find all the outfits.

Changes from 1.x
  • New barefoot option
  • New option to automatically match the leathers and boots to the shirt
  • Eliminated outfit gaps
  • Added "native" support for Body Talk and Atomic Muscle.  If you have any problems with Atomic Muscle, use Ulfbearth's refits
  • Converted to the "light plugin" format
  • AWKCR dependencies have been moved to an optional download.  Without AWKCR the outfits can be built at the Chem Station.  Look for the "Modular Road Leathers" category
  • Now works with Just Visible Holstered Weapons

Installation Notes
While not required, the mod will look best if you use an EVB compatible body texture
Version 2.x is not backward compatible with 1.x.  Before upgrading to 2.x:
  • Uninstall 1.x
  • Load your save game (continuing past the warning that MLU is missing)
  • Create a new save
  • Install 2.x