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this mod replaces "Custom House Tower" with a little player home / settlement themed after Batgirl - Oracle - Barbara Gordon.

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new optional update---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
so lets say you don't play batgirl, maybe you play as joker or Harley right but need a lair? so I made this place over again but themed for them. maybe in a world without barbara, maybe shes just not in this city, or maybe she was but you killed her and took over her base? I don't really care about your story im just here to help make it happen. so the clock tower is the same however I changed the lighting and added things to make it more fitting to the theme, I also changed the nev-meshing so dumb $h!t wont happen with the new tables and walls. to make it look 100% like my pics you need to add some décor your self, but for the most part its done. the pics tiled empty is how it comes, the ones tiled add stuff is just some stuff I placed in game real fast to give you an idea of what could be. but you are better off looking at the video because I updated it a bit since the pics.  also you don't need the older version nor update only this one if this is what you want. you cant have both themes as they are in the same place just fyi. 

old info ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
so this mod replaces "Custom House Tower" with a little player home / settlement themed after Batgirl - Oracle - Barbara Gordon.
so I replaced a clock tower with a clock tower.. yes..
its not over the top though I was going to make it such but I didn't because I didn't want it to stand out and look out of place in the wasteland.
the top floor is what my pics are of. there is still room up on the top level to add stuff of your choosing like a robot work bench or a kitchen idk up to you, which is the point of this mod, sure I give you a new house but with the freedom to also add your own'ness to it. I mean I like a lot of player home mods but I also always want to add or change something which a lot of them don't allow. as for the bottom level I left it abandon looking and up to you guys to do w/e with and there is a lot of room for it. what I would do is turn it into two levels one for bed rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen and the lowest floor for work benches.. like I said its big. as for the armor that's not mine nor in this mod.

the pizza btw is made by Loneraptor you can see that mod here if after seeing it you want some too

and if you guys have ideas tell me and I might improve this mod alittle. I honestly don't remember what the clock tower looked like in the comics I was just making it look like what I thought It might have as I couldn't find many pics online. also if you run into a problem let me know and ill try to fix it- I never made a settlement before so I'm not 100% sure that nothing is going to go wrong.

one last thing the windows on the tower are all fixed which will replace all windows of the same type in the world. which isn't a problem for me as every single window in the world shouldn't be broken not even after 200 years.. but if you don't like it you can simply remove that texture and all the windows will be broken again =(