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Get more OOMPH out of your pistol caliber cartridges! Small and compact SMG mod for commando build players and anyone who wants to spray some lead down the road at shorter ranges.

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-= Need moar bulletz! =-


Beta 8:
- Initial release

Beta 9:

- Fixed the issue with the double slots(thanks to lapo from the comment section for pointing out where the issue was), fixed leveled lists.

Beta 10:
- Added a drum mag (75 shots, but is heavier)
- Changed the ammo count for the quick-eject mag to 30 (was 40). However, the weapon is notably lighter now in order to compensate.
- Reduced the overall weight of the weapon mods to make the Makeshift SMG a bit lighter.
- Finally got the cycling system to work: you can either pick simple blowback (higher RoF, less accuracy) or gas-operated (more accurate, lower RoF)

Version 1.0.0:
- Gave the weapon a new skin to match its importance for the raiders
- Added 11 (!!!) new muzzle accessories: 6 bayonet types, 5 non-bayonet types. Except for the standard bayonet, every bayonet accessory (and its non-bladed counterpart) deals additional damage to the target or ignores the target's daqmage resistance.

Version 1.1.0:
- Made the weapon skin optional as a new modding slot (dunno how well it works with the CC reskins, though. On the other hand I'm not really keen on supporting that piece of crap anyway ... :-P)
- Major balancing overhaul: damage from the 45 cal has been reduced to 34 (was 36) when combined with the advanced receiver and 28 damage when using the improved receiver. This brings 45 ammo more in line with the other two more useful ammo types. 5 mm ammo now deals 21/25/31 damage, while 10mm ammo deals 20/24/30 damage.
- Also, both the 5mm and the 45 cal conversion require a Gun Nut rank of 2 (was Gun Nut rank 1)
- Enemies now will drop 10mm receiver versions at level 6 or higher, 45 cal receivers at level 14 or higher, and 5mm receivers will drop at level 18 or higher. This keeps the weaker receivers more viable in the game, as the more powerful receivers would be total overkill even on very hard mode.

- Fixed the issue with the damage not scaling with the Commando perk.

- Fixed an issue to make the non-bayonetted heated muzzle accessory show the correct mesh
- Changed the bash damage of the weapon from 4 to 6 (which is the standard for all other ranged weapons)
- All bayonet versions now increase bash damage by 250 % instead of 100 % (to 21 instead of 8 when compared to the previous build)
- All muzzle accessories with a bayonet now require the Blacksmith rank 1 perk in order to compensate for the higher bash damage.

-= About this mod =-

Let's be honest: we don't have THAT many SMGs in Fallout 4, especially not any good ones. So here's something to solve that problem: the makeshift SMG.
Cobbled together from combat rifle and combat shotgun spare parts, the Makeshift SMG is a full-auto only ballistic weapon which fires 38, 10mm or 45 caliber ammunition. It can also have an ugraded receiver, either use blowback or a gas-operated cycling system, has two stock versions, and can equip a suppressor if needed.

Can be found on raider bosses, named raiders and raider veterans, so beeter watch out for them - especially since YOU are the one on the receiving end of the barrel. ;)

-= Features =-

- full-auto only
- Optimized for relatively short range. Consider it the Automatico of Fallout 4 (Battlefield 1 players will know what I mean ^^)
- Ammo types: .38 caliber, 5mm, 10 mm, .45 caliber
- receiver types: standard, improved, advanced
- cycling systems: blowback (better RoF, poor accuracy), gas-operated (slower RoF, better accuracy)
- barrel types: smooth (better range, less accurate), rifled (more accurate, inferior range)
- grips: short grip (superior hip-fire accuracy, poor ADS accuracy), full-stock (poor hip-fire accuracy, superior ADS accuracy)
- optics: (glowing) iron sights or reflex sights. No worries about tunnel vision and lack of situational awareness.
- optional suppressor
- Power of the elements! Well, not really, but there are five different types of extra damage the weapon can do depending on it's muzzle accessory:
--> Corrosive accessories ignore 30 % of the target's damage resistance
--> Heated accessories cause the target to burn and deal additional fire damage
--> Irradiated buttlets deal an additional 15 RAD damage to the target
--> Serrated/barb wired muzzles caquse the target to bleed for 15 points of extar damage
--> Stunning accessories deal an extra 10 points of energy damage

-= Known Bugs =-

Looks like Any Mod Any Weapon doesn't like the makeshift SMG that much. I don't have a definitive answer for that right now, so take this with a grain of salt (or maybe a bucket).