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As the title says, this should make the 9mm Pistol follow FROST's gameplay changes.

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Love playing FROST? 

Love realistic firearms such as the amazing 9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power)?

I've got another patch for you, my friend.

Unfortunately, most add-on weapons are too over powered for the harsh wildness of Naugrim's FROST Survival Overhaul. Even though basically any weapon will kill most people with a hit or two. The 9mm Pistol was a kill 99.3% of the time with a single shot. 

So what I've done is edited the receivers to match FROST's destroyed, damaged, quality, and pristine receiver conditions roughly based off of the stats of FROST's 10mm Pistol. The base damage isn't quite as high as the 10mm Pistol because of the obvious... (10mm>9mm). Also, I made the .38cal conversion receiver slightly less powerful than the 9mm because technically a 9mm Luger has a higher velocity than a .38 Special. Which in turn means a .38 won't penetrate as far and would cause less damage. 'mmersion

Future Plans:

Grease Gun
Makeshift Anti-Material Rifle


naugrim04 for all his time and effort and mastermind in the creation of FROST 

DeadPool2099 - Ha_ru - Hitman47101 and all the others listed on the 9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power) Redux page

ElminsterAU - Zilav - Hlp - Sharlikran for FO4Edit

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