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Every single explosion in the game has double force, double damage and double size!

Ever thought that mini-nukes are a little too, well, mini? This is the mod for you!

Permissions and credits

This mod doubles the Force, the Size and the Damage of every single explosion in game.
So everything from grenades and mines, to things like head explosions! Oh, and don't forget Nukes. Yeah, Mini-Nukes aren't so mini anymore.

NormalDamage - Damage value is at stock levels. Force and Visual effects are doubled.
VisualsOnly - Damage and Force are at stock levels. Only Visuals effected.
FatmanOnly - Damage, Force and Visuals doubled ONLY for the Fatman. Nothing else is changed.

Install like any other mod:
Mod Manager is HIGHLY recommended and does everything for you
Otherwise, extract your chosen version to your data folder "\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data" and make sure you are set up to use mods.

V1 - Double Force, Size and Damage for all explosion types.

FPS impact is unknown as this has not been fully tested. Haven't noticed an FPS drop myself but when many explosions are going off at once it may cause issues.
As the damage has also been doubled this may cause parts of the game to become unplayably hard. This mod has undergone about 10 minutes of testing so if you encounter any bugs let me know.
For this mod, I simply batch edited all the game's explosions. Because of this, I may have increased some stupid ones that need to be changed back. If you find a stupid explosion let me know and I'll remove it from the mod.

I made these files quickly and decided to release them. As such, if you decide to use this mod you accept full responsibility for anything that may occur, save corruptions, CTDs, etc. Whilst this is unlikely, you must be aware it is still a possibility.
These files have also not been tested fully throughout the game. If you find any problems relating to this mod, please let me know.