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Modular collection of per-cell Terrain edits to eliminate modded grass from growing through floors. Expanded to include some Settlement cleanup/repairs. *** Now with 100% more ESL versions. :) ***

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Do you love grass & green mods, but hate when grass grows through the floor of key locations or settlements?  Me too!  So I'm doing something about it.

***  Now with 100% more ESL versions.  :)  ***

As I come across particularly BAD grass overgrowth in key locations and settlements, I am fixing the terrain for that cell.  I will be leaving each cell edit separate rather than updating them all into one big mod.  This is to allow players to decide if they want to use the grass fix for a particular area, or skip it.  Keeping the edits modular will make your mod list longer, but allow flexibility and help avoid conflicts with other mods you may be using that edit the same or nearby cells.

Should work with any grass/green mod you choose that adheres to the 'no grass' terrain texture spec.  If you are using a mod that adds grass even where 'no grass' is specified, that author deviated from Bethesda's terrain standards.  There's nothing I can do about that.

No I will not be making any merge patches if you use another mod that conflicts or ignores the 'no grass' spec.  Please stop asking.

Works OK with:
Fallout 4 Seasons -
Spring in the Commonwealth -
More/Enhanced Grass -
Rust Belt Flora -

* I can't test everything so if you find it works with another green/grass mod please let me know and I will update this list.

Vanilla FO4/Commonwealth Fixes are available for:
Covenant - Grass fix only.  I don't usually build here.  I prefer Taffington Boathouse.  :)
Recon Bunker Theta - Where you meet Paladin Brandis during The Lost Patrol quest
Tenpines Bluff - Wasn't too bad to begin with but a player requested it and it was easy to fix
Country Crossing + minor trash cleanup around existing structures
Taffington Boathouse + minor trash cleanup, fungus and blood splatter removal.  No, I'm not going to fix the roof.  That's what BUILDING is for! :P"
Taffington Boathouse - * 2 Optional versions.  Same as above but one has the roof removed for rebuilding, another adds a metal roof.
The Castle + minor trash cleanup.  Fixed grass in courtyard and on upper walls.  Removed the floor trash from interiors.
Mystic Pines - Player requested )
Outpost Zimonja - Grass fix + removed those nasty unscrappable stairs and corrected the navmesh for their removal
Nordhagen Beach - Wasn't too bad to begin with so I just did a minor touch up on it
Kingsport Lighthouse - Grass fix + trash cleanup + roof repair over main structure with broken roof removal over kitchen for easier building
Greentop Nursery - Grass fix + trash cleanup + aligned shack to better match angle of house so add-on building lines up for both
The Slog - Grass fix + major trash and stain cleanup
Finch Farm - Grass fix + minor trash cleanup
Graygarden - Grass fix + minor trash cleanup, including some areas of the overpass.

Far Harbor Fixes are available for:
Longfellow's Cabin - Grass fix + minor trash cleanup
National Park Visitor's Center - Grass + trash cleanup + many repairs.  About 90% of what was broken/destroyed is restored.

I have also released major cleanup mods that include grass fixes for:

Red Rocket - Cleanup, grass fixes, navmeshed ( )
Sanctuary - Main House cleanup, terrain leveling, grass fixes, navmeshed ( )
Sunshine Tidings Co-op - Main building only with optional file for ALL buildings ( )
Egret Tours Marina - Cleanup, repairs, minor grass fixes, add boats, navmeshed  ( )
Croup Manor - Cleanup, repairs, grass fixes, navmeshed  ( )

Note:  Editing exterior cells will cause decombination of the  edited cell and some adjacent cells.  Downside = This undoes a Bethesda optimization, but so far I have seen MINIMAL to NO performance hit in rural areas.  This is only an issue downtown.  Upside = You can use the console to disable / markfordelete objects in this cell if you want to clean it up even more, and you don't need a scrap mod to do it.

Want to help?:  If you know of a settlement or main quest location that has really bad grass overgrowth through the floor/structure, let me know.  Get me the cell name if possible.  I will take a look and see if it can be cleaned up.

Enjoy.  :)