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Run your Starlight like a true Minuteman General. Turn a run-down movie drive-through into a fortified field operating base

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For those who were waiting, I am sorry but I have been busy with RL.  This is my latest TSB, based on several military FOB photos. This settlement houses 20 beds, with some interactive stations to keep your settlers busy and happy.  There is a barrack, a mess hall, helipad, workshop garage, radio station, supply depot, briefing room, quartermaster warehouse, and a infirmary.  I tried to tone down on the number of mods, and the list below is divided into "Structure Only" and "With Decoration".  A few things to note:

1. The file path is not saved.  Manually download it, and unzip it to which ever Transfer Settlement Blueprints slot you desire
2. There will be warning on missing mods.  You can safely ignore them, since they are essentially quality of life mods such as Cloud Storage or Passthrough connectors".
3. I use the mod "Scrap Everything" to get rid of some vanilla unscrappable items.   
4.  The Howitzer in the picture is a texture replacer called 155mm Howitzer M1.  You don't need it, the original artillery will still be there.

Structure (Required) Mods:

1. All DLCs except Nuka World
2. Sandbag Fortification
3. Workshop Rearranged
4. Homemaker
5. Settlement Object Expansion
6. Crimsomrider's Unique Furnitures
7. Invisible Marker Pack:  (For vendors without vanilla stands)
8. Starlight Drive-In Overhaul (flatten the land)

Decoration (optional) mods
1. Creative Clutters
2. Do it Yourself
3. Dino's Decoration, 
4. Xnjguy Filled Mods All-In-One 
5. Northland Digger (settler workstations)
6. GruffyddsSignsAndPosters
7. Busy Settlers

- you can replace the static tank with the mod APC and Tank Turrets 
- you can replace the static vertibird with the mod Immersive Fast Travel
- works great with the mod Fatigue Extended!