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Tired of being stunlocked by grabs and throws? Tired of being insta-killed by attacks you could have blocked? Tired of getting stuck in minute-long animations while everybody shoots you? This mod removes all of that, making melee actually fun and viable on higher difficulties.

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This mod, simply put, prevents the player from performing grab attacks and kill moves. It also prevents grab attacks and kill moves from being performed on the player. It also prevents grabs and kill moves in regular combat. Now, the only time grabs and kill moves occur is when they're scripted in a quest.*

This was sorely needed for three main reasons. The first is that previously you could be stunlocked by enemies performing grab attacks with no chance to respond, something most notable with deathclaws but also occasionally a problem with raiders, which was annoying. The second is that you could be instantly killed with no chance to react by melee enemies, which simply isn't fair because you could otherwise dodge, block, or just pull up the pip-boy and pop something that increases your endurance or max hit points so the hit doesn't kill you all the way. The third is the big one, though, when you perform a grab or a kill move on enemies it is automatic and can't be prevented, and it locks you in place for an extended period while everybody attacks you at once, causing you to take a lot of damage without being able to respond.

All of these issues come back to the same thing: The player being deprived of their agency by the game, with nothing they can do to prevent it. And while being robbed of your agency is always a problem and does a lot to remove skill from the equation, on higher difficulties and especially on survival it leads to a lot of cheap, immediate deaths that should never have happened. And now, it won't.

If a kill move happens anyway, please describe the circumstances to me. In particular, what enemy you were fighting at the time. That should help me find the animations I missed.

*Actually, since Fallout 4 is a Bethesda game and is extremely buggy, there is a small chance a kill move will still occur. However, in order to do this it needs to skip the conditions step entirely, as the condition for kill moves to require is impossible to meet. Either that, or it needs to briefly forget that the player is the player, as kill moves are set to only occur if the player is not the player. As this condition is checked multiple times before an attack occurs (2-5 times, depending on the exact animation), that makes it even less likely this will happen. It also must ignore a global variable that I am convinced doesn't actually do anything, for what it's worth. But what I'm driving at is this mod reduces the chance of a kill move by well over 90%, usually more than 99%, depending on which kill move and how buggy Fallout 4 is for you.