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18 pairs of earrings for males and females, converted from FumoFumo's mod for Fallout: New Vegas. || UPDATE 02/08/18: Fixed texture issue.

Permissions and credits

This is a conversion of FumoFumo's "Earrings" mod for Fallout: New Vegas. It includes 18 pairs of earrings, available for male and female, which take up the [50]:NECK slot. All are enchanted (with varying effects depending on what the item is) and have no weight.

 Use NMM or drag and drop contents of Data folder into your [  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data  ] directory.

 Can be purchased from Fallon's Basement. You can also get them via the console by typing [  help "earrings" 4  ] and adding them to your inventory with [  player.additem XXXXXXXX  ]. You filthy cheat.

Will conflict with mods that edit Betty Fallon's inventory. Either load this mod lower to overwrite, or load it higher and get the earrings through the console. 

the original mod belongs to Fumofumo, who gave permission with credit:
This can be used as long as I am credited as well as Lord Inquisitor, Kikaimegami, and Brokencrash for their work.
"Earrings" uses assets from the following mods:
  Gold Skull of Bling by LordInquisitor (modders' resource)
  Higher Quality Money Retex by LordInquisitor (modders' resource)
  Kikais Equipment by Kikaimegami (conditional permission given:)
You may use any art assets contained within this mod save for the esp file itself as long as credit is given to myself as the original author of this content.

 As long as the permissions listed above still stand, you are free to modify or include this mod for your own purposes, convert it to other platforms, translate it, etc., so long as I am credited. However, as I myself am using others' resources, I do not have the authority to allow modification if they rescind their own permissions.


02.08.2018 -- fixed black texture bug with cap earrings. 
01.30.2018 -- fixed a REALLY DUMB pathing issue. Sorry 'bout that. 
01.29.2018 -- first release