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Sets base experience gain speed lower by %

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What this mod does:

Sets base multiplier to % from vanilla 100% default and in doing so levels are gained slower.

Played difficulty does not matter.

separate modules [use only one]: 


Example ingame results:
lv 55 Yaoi Guai as target dummy [lv 53 endgame character used in test with Int 7]

100% [default]68 xp

75%54 xp ~ 21% drop  ||  multiplier of +0.26 longer between levels vs default  
50%40 xp ~ 41% drop  ||  multiplier of +0.70 longer between levels
30%29 xp ~ 57% drop  ||  multiplier of +1.30 longer between levels
10%17 xp ~ 75% drop  ||  multiplier of +3.00 longer between levels
3%  13 xp ~ 81% drop  ||  multiplier of +4.20 longer between levels
Depending Intelligence, perks, and various boosts from other sources will raise or multiply final experience amount = reduces the mods effect / harshness.

To further increase time between levels, install mods that reduces/removes crafting experience gains.

Install with one of the mod managers and you should be set.
Works with main Dlc's just fine.

3% base version added [18.5.16]
Readme redone,  [calcs x 10]    11.7.16, less Engrish, hopefully.

Uninstall fix for Misc / No levels gained, resets globals to vanilla and needs minor user interaction for current level before removing the esp from game.