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This is a simple replacer for the Handmade Assault Rifle from the Nuka World DLC. You may have thought the HMR was a missed opportunity to re-introduce the Chinese Assault rifle into Fallout 4 seeing as it was cut content in the base game. Well now thanks to WastelandMelody and Wardaddy we can pretend the HMR was the CAR all along!

Permissions and credits
This is a simple replacer .esp for the Handmade Assault Rifle from the Nuka World DLC. Now the raiders of Nuka World will spawn with WastelandMelody's beautiful creation rather than the real-life inspired HMR bethesda made for Nuka World. I prefer the look of Fallout 3's ugly Kalashnikov to the new one as it has a distinct and unique appearance rather than looking like the same AK we have all seen a billion times, it just feels more like Fallout to me and if you feel the same way then this mod may be for you! 

There are three versions and the main differences are the ammo types: 
Version 1 - CAR will use 7.62 Ammo from Nuka World, The Regulator which is a unique CAR from WM original mod, will use 5.56. Seeing as it is the only one in the commonwealth with the replacer applied I saw the 5.56 ammo appropriate as there is only 5.56 ammo in the commonwealth. The bonus side effect is that this makes the regulator even more unique sort of like how December's Child is to the normal Combat Rifle.

Version 2 - Both the CAR and the unique version The Regulator will use 7.62 Ammo.

Version 3 - Both the CAR and The Regulator will use 5.56 Ammo, like it was in Fallout 3.

All versions replace the weapons of all Nuka World raiders with the Chinese Assault Rifle and uses WarDaddys animations to do it. The three raider gangs will spawn with their own versions with specific modifications relevant to their faction based off of what they originally spawned with when they were using the HMR (eg. Operators weapons will spawn with long sniper barrels, marksmen stocks, and scopes. Disciples will spawn with Integrated suppressed barrels, no stocks, etc.) The Problem Solver and Splatter Cannon are now CAR's as well.

I also took the time to make a vanilla version and a version that uses AWKCR keywords so the weapons will be properly tagged by VIS when using DEF_UI. The CAR will replace the HMR in all instances so if you are using the AWKCR workbenches or a mod that utilizes them this will be available to craft in the HMR's place. I plan on uploading some more replacers as I polish them out, Im pretty nitpicky about my game myself so if you notice anything I missed or things that may bother you (such as loading screens showing things that have weapons or armor that has been replaced) be sure to POLITELY let me know. This is my first mod, go easy guys. Hope you enjoy and be sure to endorse WastelandMelody and WarDaddy for their excellent work, I deserve no credit. All I did was make an esp that utilizes their work, thank them. Personally a huge fan of both! 


As of 2/7/18 these .esp's have been updated for WardDaddy's updated animations. Uninstall this mod and Wardaddy's old animations, then update his animations and redownload whichever .esp and you're good to go. Some of you may have downloaded mid-update, I advise you to redownload now as I made a couple mistakes during upload that I had to correct and you may have some unintended results or random loose files that got left in the archive when I accidently clicked on "open with Visual Studio" (lol).

1) Download and install WastelandMelodys Chinese Assault Rifle v1.4 - Chinese Assault Rifle

2) Download and install Chinese Assault Rifle Animations by WarDaddy (v3) - CAR Animations (while you're at it subscribe to his YouTube channel to enlist in WarDaddy's army and get lots of sneak peaks on upcoming animations: Daddy's Army)
3) Download and install this .esp, overwrite, and start playing. Works best on new game, I am not responsible for any borked HMR's or CAR's as this is just the way the game works. START A NEW GAME, IT'S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL.

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