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This mod changes armors and clothing in Armorsmith Extended to use mostly vanilla slots and makes headgear use special "headgear weave" mods.

Permissions and credits
This mod is essentially my personal tweaks to Armorsmith Extended. It does three things: makes clothing and armor use slots to avoid clipping and UI bugs, makes headgear use new headgear weaves, and carries through any non slot related changes from the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch. 

  1. Most outfits from the vanilla game and DLCs now use slots close to their vanilla counterparts. The idea behind this rollback was to preserve the other functional changes of Armorsmith (expanded mods and new weaves, for instance) while removing features that allowed for clipping or created UI bugs (the Vault Boy always being in his underwear on the inventory screen). In cases where most items of a given slot don't clip with a given item, that slot is left open, even if it wasn't in the vanilla game (I used the surgical mask to see if something clips with the mouth slot and the welding goggles to see if it clips with the eyes slot; the bandannas clip with almost everything, including in the vanilla game, so I couldn't fix that without making the mouth slot almost unusable). Practically, this means that if you couldn't wear armor with it before, you probably can't now, but you might still be able to wear goggles or masks with helmets that wouldn't let you in the vanilla game. Further, every outfit and underarmor uses slot 38 now. This was to fix the Vault Boy in his underwear UI bug. Since slot 38 is meant for separate shirts in AE and is used by some armors in AE as well, I figured that it was a safe one to take up for full outfits.
  2. All Headgear that has the weave mod available in AE now has a headgear weave mod instead. All of the AE weaves have headgear versions available which are approximately 1/5 as effective and cost less (not always exactly 1/5 as much, but reasonably less). I felt it was a little overpowered to have a fedora protect you as much as body armor.
  3. Finally, changes made by the Unofficial Patch to materials or bones have been carried through.

This is meant for a "vanilla plus" type playthough. As such, I only modified the base game and DLC items, not the ones added by AE. Further, This does require all the DLCs. If there is enough demand, I can try to make a Vanilla only version, But I don't plan on it right now. 

Place the included .esp in the data folder. Make sure it is below AWKCR, Armorsmith Extended, Armorsmith Extended All DLC Patch, and the Unnoficial Fallout 4 Patch 

Armorsmith Extended
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Since this mod is essentially a patch to Armorsmith Extended, you need Gambit77's permission to upload a modified version of it. You do not need my permission, however, so feel free to change whatever you like and upload it as your own provided that Gambit77 has given you the ok.

Gambit77 for Armorsmith Extended and giving me permission to make this mod
Unofficial Patch Project Team for the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch