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This blueprint adds a skyscraper with many features, 5 stories fully autonomous food factory, trade center and farming area, residential floors, scientific department and the player's home.

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I will let the images talk, what you see is what you get if you have all required plugins.

This bulding is highly modular, each empty double story can be used to build normal stories floors, floor 10 and 11 are an example of how you can build each floor, 80+ beds in 20 rooms with decent comfort.


The 5 first floors are a fully autonomous food production chain, simply use the terminal next to the factory's power switch to choose your product and put the required items in the sorters in each of the 5 floors and next to the workshop

There is a High tech command center in the scientific department in the floor 21, and a synth factory in the 17th floor, i really recommend you to install Makeyourownsynth.esp if you don't want the middle of the building to be empty, as it is the main purpose of the scientific department.


Floor 6 is a trade center with many vendors, it could generate a lot of caps, Floor 8 is a huge farming area, not completed but you have a lot of space to work on.

Please follow my instructions for powering everything up manually, Prewar comunities mod is mandatory for powering up the player home and scientific department.

Here is the order you need to follow to boot or reboot the building's power

1) The whole factory can be powered on or off with only one switch located on the main floor :

2) The second switch is located on the 12th floor :

3) The third switch is located on the 14th floor :

4) The fourth switch is located on the 17th floor :

5) The final switch is located inside the player home on the top floor :

For example, if you want to turn off everything in the building, Deactivate them from number 5 to number 1, and the opposite if you want to turn on (from 1 to 5)

Don't worry if you swim in the water when entering the eastern main door, that's because of the swimming pool in the player home on the top floor (only if you have akaWaterworld mod)


The two final floors are the player home, with a big kitchen, a gym room, a swimming pool, many beds, a lounge and more

If you have any issue message me anytime, it should work fine if you have ALL required plugins, and if you follow the order for powering up, i advice you to not turn on all switches at the same time, because there are so many lights, try to activate only 2 or 3 switches at once

Import in workshop mode to get all marker based items

If you want your settlers to use all the building and the upper floors, use this command : SetGS fSandboxCylinderTop 576
After typing the command wait some days ingame and then you'll see the settlers using all the building.

Required plugins :

- CWSS Redux.esp
- MasterworkArchitectureProject.esp
- cceejfo4001-decorationpack.esl
- DLCWorkshop01.esm
- SettleObjExpandPack.esp
- DLCworkshop02.esm
- SanctuaryParts.esp
- Homemaker.esm
- cartman1975_concrete-glass_beige.esp
- ccfsvfo4002-midcenturymodern.esl
- Vault118.esp
- AWARHERO Japanese Decor Pack.esp
- Evan_Modular Kitchen.esp
- DLCWorkshop03.esm
- ManufacturingExtended.esp
- MoreVaultRooms.esp
- VideoMaster.esm (not mandatory)
- Colored Workshop Lights.esp
- FoodGenerators.esp
- hzy-newfurniture.esl
- AkaWaterWorld.esp
- MYLadyKillerBed.esp
- MakeYourOwnSynths.esp
- PrewarCommunities.esp