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Make weightless shipments of purified Water, Crops, and Vegetable Starch for selling. Also allows for really dirtying up water (seriously, you use fertilizer) and delegating the selling of water with the right perks.

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Want an easier way to lug around Water and Food to sell without breaking immersion? Well, merchants can sell shipments of things, so why not you?

VERSION 2 - Uses UTILITY - WATER and UTILITY - FOOD at Chem Stations

Shipments created can be found under MISC items and do not function as actual shipments. They are purely for selling.


- Misc item Shipments of 50 and 100 Purified Water. Value of shipments equal water used to make them and are for selling.

- Create 10 smaller shipments each equal in value to 10 Purified Waters with the 100 Purified Water shipments you've crafted.

- Craft 25 dirty waters using 25 Purified Waters, 5 fertilizer, and 2 Nuclear Material.

- With Cap Collector 2 and Local Leader 2, delegate selling shipments of 50 Purified Water and get bottlecaps right at the Chemistry Station (800 caps, or equal to selling 50 Water at max value)


- Misc item Shipments of 50 of any of the base game crops (Carrots, Corn, Etc) equal in value to crops used to make them.

- Misc item Shipments of 50 Vegetable Starch equal in value to the adhesive one would get from scrapping all 50 (greater in value than the Vegetable Starch itself)


- Crafting results in XP. There's no way to prevent this without preventing all XP from crafting, but it's not too excessive, especially in Version 2.

- Version 1 allowed for crafting shipments of 10 Purified Water using 10 Purified Waters. On reflection, this allowed for too much XP boost abuse. The shipments of 10 Purified Waters have been renamed "Small Water Shipments 10", and are now created by breaking down shipments of 100 purified water. This allows for more precise bartering while keeping the XP issue under control.

- Dirty Water is used in a lot of recipes, but can be annoying to find. The 5 Fertilizer and 2 Nuclear Material is to keep crafting it from being an XP exploit (particularly since 3 Dirty Water can make 1 Purified Water), and because you've gotta dirty it up SOMEHOW, right?

- Enough people wanted crop options, and some went so far as adding it themselves, so I have caved in to PEER PRESSURE and added them in spite of this being a "water" baron mod.

- Having a Vegetable Starch crafting system is something I like to set up, and it can eventually result in having an excess of them. The most profitable and tedious option is to break them down and sell the adhesive, so I've made shipments that effectively do that in groups of 50.