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About this mod

This mod dynamically changes your bodyweight depending on your actions. Now you'll need to use those otherwise useless weight benches and pommel horses to stay fit.

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Update notice

If you update from version 1.0.0 make sure that you install the new version on a clean safe. That means:

  1. Uninstall the current version
  2. Load you safe
  3. Create a new safe
  4. Install the new version
  5. Load the safe from step 3

Version 1.2.0 requires HUD Framework for the HUD widget. Make sure you have it installed!

Special thanks to expired6978 and oscardaguy to identify an important flaw and pointing me to the solution.

What is this?

While creating your character you can adjust the bodyweight and amount of muscles your character should have. But once they are set, they are set. There is no weight gain and loss. Until now. This mod adds a dynamic change of your characters weight.

But what does dynamic mean? Well it means that your actions now affect your weight. Every time you eat you gain weight and if you don't do any workout you eventually get fat. The game has a lot of objects and items that are of no use. The weight bench, pommel horse and power cycle are one of them. Sure, they decorate your settlements but they don't offer any gameplay features other than that +1 to your special stats.

Installation / Usage

Requires F4SE the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, MCM and HUD Framework

  • Make sure you have the required mods and DLCs installed
  • Download the mod with a mod manager of your choice
  • Activate it through the manager

The mod will be active right away. However you might need to consume at least one food item to activate the effects.

How it works?

The mod will use whatever bodyweight you selected at the creation of your character and adjusts it during gameplay. The balance of this mod is set to appeal to most players. Calculating with 3 meals per day and no workout it will take you around 15 hours of gameplay to get from super skinny to maximum fat. Growing a belly takes its time.

You can adjust the weight gain and loss through the ingame MCM menu.

Increase of your body weight

Every time you consume food your fat level will increase while your muscles are reduced. Increasing your fat level will lead to some negative bonuses such as reduced special stats, increased AP cost and even reduced walking speed.

Decrease your body weight and increase your muscles

You will automatically lose a bit of weight every 6 ingame hours. This should mimic the loss of weight due to walking, sprinting and that kind of workout. You can configure the timer through the MCM menu. However this is not enough to stay fit. Using different types of workout will help you to lose weight. The weight bench, pommel horse and power cycle will now reduce weight and gain muscles.


The different states will be represented via a perk. The fatter you get the higher the penalty will be. The stronger you are the better the bonuses will be. Simple. The penalties range from simple stats reduction to higher AP cost and reduced walking speed while the bonuses mostly increase your SPECIAL, carry weight and AP stats.

HUD Widget

Version 1.2.0 supports a HUD widget powered by HUD Framework displays the current perk as well as your weight stats. The bar chart is updated in real-time and the entire widget can be toggled on / off using a hotkey.

Future plans

  • More unique penalties and bonuses
  • A UI widget to inform the player of their current fat level

Right now I'm looking into the UI widgets using the HUD framework.