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See-through mesh bodysuit add-on to the fantastic Pampas Set in High Res texture and optional physics!

Permissions and credits
Pampas Set Extended - Mesh Retexture Add-on

The awesome Pampas Set now with see-through mesh designs! 180 new bodysuits!

Compatible with all original accessories. Optional Physics and Armorsmith Extended support. No Atomic Beauty version at the moment, unfortunately.

This mod replaces the original bodysuit mesh files (see notes below), however, you will still be able to use the original, non-meshed, textures just like you would with the original Pampas Set. Which means you have a total of 360 bodysuits to choose from! So along with special outfit for days like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and your Birthday, you can easily have a different outfit everyday of the year!

BodySlide and Pampas Set 1.7 must be installed before this mod. DLCs are not required.

Nexus Mod Manager (Recommended):
  1. Download either the 4k or 2k version using the MOD MANAGER DOWNLOAD button on the Files page.
  2. Once download is completed, find Pampas Set Extended - Mesh Retexture Add-on... in the mod list and Install/Enable it.
  3. Make sure KKYpampas.esp loads after rpampas.esp.

Manual Install:
  1. Download either the 4k or 2k using the MANUAL DOWNLOAD button on the Files page.
  2. Unzip the archive into your Fallout 4 game folder.
  3. Add *KKYpampas.esp to your plugins.txt file after rpampas.esp.

Armorsmith Extended:
If you're using the AE version of the Pampas set, please download and replace KKYpampas.esp with the optional ESP replacer available on the Files page.

Before building the Pampas Mesh bodysuits, please ensure you have already built the original Pampas set (Refer to the Pampas Set page for more detail).
  1. Launch BodySlide and choose the Pampas Mesh group in the Group Filter.
  2. Using the same body shape as the one you used for the Pampas set, build the bodysuits one by one or use the Batch Build function to build all ten suits at once. You must build all ten suits or you'll have see missing texture in game. Don't worry if the preview window shows the regular bodysuits, this is normal.
  3. When in game, obtain the bodysuits whichever way you want if you haven't done so already (The Pampas Set page contains instructions if required).
  4. Head to any Armor Workbench. You'll find the mesh versions of each bodysuit along with the original color swaps in the mod slots menu.
  5. Enjoy!

Optional Physics:

After downloading and installing the optional physics files, Batch Build the bodysuits by following the same instructions as above. But instead of the Pampas Mesh group, choose the Pampas Mesh Physics group. 

Compatibility / Conflict
This mod is not compatible with any mod that alters the Pampas Set bodysuits. If you have made changes to the bodysuit nif files, this mod will replace them without warning when you build the bodysuits in BodySlide. Therefore, any customization you made to the original bodysuits will have to be redone afterwards. Other than that, there is no known compatibility issues with the game or conflicts with mods not related to the Pampas Set.

Know Issues
  • Clipping may occur with extreme body shapes, more noticeable with physics.
  • For some of the bodysuits, changing from a mesh version to another one creates a loose mod that becomes the Vault Tec mesh mod.
  • Texture for the bodysuit 2 world model does not display correctly.

Credits (in no particular order)
Huge thanks to ralfetas for allowing me to use assets from the Pampas Set for this mod. My mod and my screenshots would not be possible without the hard work of him and other talented individuals below:
  • ralfetas - Pampas Set
  • ElminsterAU - FO4Edit
  • corwin - NifSkope
  • ousnius - Material Editor
  • Ousnius and Caliente - BodySlide and Outfit Studio
  • Caliente, Ousnius and Jeir - CBBE
  • Boris Vorontsov - ENB
  • ianpatt, behippo, and purplelunchbox - F4SE
  • Expired6978 - LooksMenu
  • AGodComplexPikachu - Looks Menu Customization Compendium
  • Atherisz - MiscHairstyle
  • LogRaam - The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition
  • Fuse00 - Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures
  • Typer - 8K Realistic Skin Textures
  • Koozebane - Loving Piper
  • registrator2000 - Crafting Highlight Fix
  • humannature66 - HN66s SIRIUS.12 Assault Suit
  • davethedrunk, femshepping and TrophiHunter - Dave's Pose
  • Shinoboru and Sunjeong - ShinoPoses
  • CoolWave101z - Vivid ENB
  • MasterTobiuo - Photo Light
  • 7StarC - Unequip Pipboy
  • Marty McFly - Advanced Depth of Field
  • kingeric1992 - FreeFlyCam plugins
  • Bethesda, Nexus, and many more!

Port / Converstion
Pampas Set Extended - UUNP for Skyrim by blazingsai

My Other Mod
Jola - Female Character LooksMenu Face Preset

Disclaimer / Fine Print / Footnote / Whatever you want to call this
I can only test and confirm that this mod works without issues on my PC. I am not responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by this mod. This mod is provided as-is, without guarantee. As with any mods, it is always a good idea to save and backup your game before installing.