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This mod adds factions that rival the raiders!

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Ever thought it was weird that there is no fighting among the raiders? This mod plans to change that by adding in rival raider style factions that fight and compete in the wasteland!
This mod currently adds TWENTY-FOUR new FACTIONS to the game! All factions are all based on the Raider faction, using their spawns and relations with the main factions! All units scale with the players level!

Factions currently added are:
The Legend's Clan
The Outcasts
The Savages
The Bottom Feeders
The Beasts
The Scavvers
The Day of Old
The Ashes
The Purgers
Man Children
Scientia Antiquis
Cult of The Bear
Followers of The Dragon
The Last Talon Company
Corrupt Police
Corrupt SWAT
US Military Remnant
Genus Domini
Raiders of Atom
Chem Runners
Scientia Antiquis
Last Talon Company
Corrupt Police
Corrupt SWAT
US Military Remnants 
Legends Clan

Each Faction has unit types varying from the basic member all the way up to super heavies (Power Armor Units). Below will be a list of the factions and their corresponding units followed by the level the player would expect to see them spawn in the wasteland!

The Legend's Clan Unit List:
- LC Super Heavy: Level 30
- LC Heavy: Level 15
- LC Member: Level 10
- LC Pyro: Level 15
- LC Bomber: Level 30
- LC Sniper: Level 10
- LC Hunter: level 10
- LC Flanker: level 10
- LC Leader: level 80
- LC Commander: level 60

The Outcasts Unit List:
- Outcast Member: Level 5
- Outcast Heavy: Level 10
- Outcast Pyro: Level 15
- Outcast CQC: Level 10
- Outcast Sniper: Level 5
- Outcast Hunter: level 5
- Outcast Flanker: level 5
- Outcast Leader: level 50
- Outcast Commander: level 30

The Savages Unit List:
- Savage Armored Giant: Level 30
- Savage Bomber: Level 30
- Savage Heavy: Level 15
- Savage Pyro: Level 15
- Savage Member: Level 10
- Savage Sniper: Level 10
- savage Hunter: level 10
- Savage Flanker: level 15
- Savage Leader: level 70
- Savage Commander: level 60
- Savage Suicider: level 20

The Bottom Feeders Unit List:
- Bottom Feeder Member: Level 1
- Bottom Feeder Heavy: Level 5
- Bottom Feeder CQC: Level 5
- Bottom Feeder Hunter: level 5
- Bottom Feeder Flanker: level 5
- Bottom Leader Leader: level 30
- Bottom Leader Commander: level 25

The Beasts Unit List:
- Beast Heavy: Level 20
- Beast Member: Level 15
- Beast Pyro: Level 20
- Beast Super CQC: Level 20
- Beast Super Heavy: Level 30
- Beast Sniper: Level 15
- Beast Hunter: level 15
- Beast Flanker: level 15
- Beast Leader: level 80
- Beast Commander: level 60

The Scavvers Unit List:
- Scavver Member: level 15 
- Scavver Heavy: level 20 
- Scavver Pyro: level 15
- Scavver Super CQC: level 20
- Scavver Flanker: level 15
- Scavver Hunter: level 15
- Scavver Super Heavy: level 25
- Scavver Leader: level 60
- Scavver Commander: level 50
- Scavver Relic user: level 25
- Scavver Cannon: level 25

The Day of Old Unit List:
- Day of Old Member: level 20
- Day of Old Heavy: level 25
- Day of Old Super Heavy: level 35
- Day of Old Pyro: level 25
- Day of Old Hunter: level 20
- Day of Old Swinger: level 20
- Day of Old Leader: level 80
- Day of Old Commander: level 60
- Day of Old Sniper: level 30

Ashes Unit List:
- Ashes Member: level 1
- Ashes Begger: level 1
- Ashes Scavenger: level 1
- Ashes Pyro: level 1
- Ashes CQC: level 1
- Ashes Hunter: level 5
- Ashes Gunner: level 5
- Ashes Armored: level 10
- Ashes Commander: level 20
- Ashes Leader: level 30

Purgers Unit List:
- Purger Member: level 15
- Purger Pyro: level 15
- Purger Heavy: level 25
- Purger Super Heavy: level 30
- Purger Sniper: level 15
- Purger Hunter: level 15
- Purger CQC: level 15
- Purger Super CQC:  level 30
- Purger Commander: level 50
- Purger Leader: level 70
- Purger Super Pyro: level 30

Man Child Unit List:
- Man Child Raider level 5
- Man Child Mobster level 5
- Man Child Soldier level 15
- Man Child Space Trooper level 10
- Man Child Cook level 10
- Man Child Commie Destroyer level 25
- Man Child Stealthy Ninja level 20
- Man Child Ultimate President Overlord level 40

Mafia Unit List:
- Mafia Grunt level 10
- Mafia Member level 5
- Mafia Higher Up level 20
- Mafia Leader level 60
- Mafia Commander level 45
- Mafia Gutter level 5
- Mafia Gunner level 15
- Mafia Demo Expert level 25
- Mafia Body Snatcher level 15
- Mafia Corpse Maker level 20
- Mafia Hitman level 25

Scientia Antiquis(Knowledge of Old) Unit List:
- Scientia Antiquis Member level 10
- Scientia Antiquis Heavy level 20
- Scientia Antiquis flanker level 10
- Scientia Antiquis pyro level 10
- Scientia Antiquis sniper level 10
- Scientia Antiquis super heavy level 30
- Scientia Antiquis commander level 60
- Scientia Antiquis leader level 80
- Scientia Antiquis courier level 10
- Scientia Antiquis gaurd level 15

Cult of The Bear(C.O.B.) Unit List:
- C.O.B. Worshipper level 10
- C.O.B. Word Spreader level 10
- C.O.B. Reborn level 20
- C.O.B. Zealot level 25
- C.O.B. Deity level 30

Followers of The Dragon(FOTD) Unit List:
- FOTD Member level 15
- FOTD Heavy level 15
- FOTD Smasher level 10
- FOTD Gunner level 15
- FOTD Slasher level 40
- FOTD Lord level 90
- FOTD God level 120

Tinkerer Unit List:
- Tinkerer Gun Hacker level 15
- Tinkerer Heavy Gun Hacker level 25
- Tinkerer Ultra Heavy level 40
- Tinkerer Commander level 80
- Tinkerer Leader level 100
- Tinkerer Demo Hacker level 30
- Tinkerer CQC Hacker level 15
- Tinkerer Sniper Hacker level 25

Last Talon Company List:
- Last Talon Company Grunt level 15
- Last Talon Company Pyro level 15
- Last Talon Company Maniac level 25
- Last Talon Company Sniper level 30
- Last Talon Company Super Heavy level 40
- Last Talon Company Ultra Heavy level 55
- Last Talon Company Leader level 100
- Last Talon Company Commander level 80

Corrupt Police List:
- Corrupt Police Officer level 5
- Corrupt Police Flanking Officer level 5
- Corrupt Police Demo Officer level 20
- Corrupt Police Pyro Officer level 20
- Corrupt Police Commanding Officer level 60
- Corrupt Police Leading Officer level 80
- Corrupt Police Super Officer level 35
- Corrupt Police Racist Officer level 25

Corrupt SWAT:
- Corrupt SWAT Grunt level 10
- Corrupt SWAT Heavy level 15
- Corrupt SWAT Super Heavy level 35
- Corrupt SWAT Pyro level 35
- Corrupt SWAT Demo level 40
- Corrupt SWAT Commander level 60
- Corrupt SWAT Leader level 80
- Corrupt SWAT Destroyer level 35
- Corrupt SWAT Flanker level 15
- Corrupt SWAT Medic level 20
- Corrupt SWAT CQC level 15

US Military Remnants List:
- USMR Recruit level 10
- USMR Grunt level 15
- USMR Heavy level 25
- USMR Super Heavy level 35
- USMR Flanker level 15
- USMR Medic level 25
- USMR Sniper level 25
- USMR Commander level 60
- USMR General level 80
- USMR Demo level 30
- USMR Pyro level 30

Mailmen List:
- Mailman level 1
- Mailman Heavy level 15
- Super Mailman level 30

Genus Domini List:
- Genus Domini Recruit level 5
- Genus Domini Savage level 10
- Genus Domini Maniac level 15
- Genus Domini CutThroat level 20
- Genus Domini Crazed Giant level 30
- Genus Domini Chief level 50
- Genus Domini Leader level 65
- Genus Domini Legend level 80

Raiders of Atom List:
- Raiders of Atom Recruit level 5
- Raiders of Atom Follower level 10
- Raiders of Atom Worshiper level 20
- Raiders of Atom Pledge level 15
- Raiders of Atom Priest level 30
- Raiders of Atom Grand Priest level 50

Milkmen List:
- Milkman level 1
- Special Milk Runner level 15
- Secret Milk Runner level 30

Chem Runner List:
- Chem Runner level 10
- Chem Runner Heavy level 20
- Chem  Waste Carrier level 10
- Chem  Secret Runner level 30

Wanna know more info about each faction? Read Below!

The Legend's Clan is a very powerful group that decided to separate from the raiders to one day rival bigger factions like the BOS!

The Outcasts are ghouls who were outcast by the raiders so they started their own group with similar ideals!

The Savages are the most crazy of the raiders that even the raiders don't want to associate with so they formed a group of the most ruthless and merciless killers in the wasteland!

The Bottom Feeders are exactly what it sounds like, a very poor raider group just trying to get by!

The Beasts are another very powerful group that formed a group to mainly become a bigger threat to bigger factions across the wasteland!

The Scavvers are scavengers who like collecting parts from robots for their armor and are a force to be concerned with!

The Day of Old is a faction that is in love with the old world and dress accordingly!

The Ashes are a very poor faction that is trying to slowly conquer the wasteland!

The Purgers are trying wipe out all other factions to take the wasteland for themselves!

Man Children are raiders who simply refused to grow up, they believe this all a game so they do what they please which is pillaging and killing not realizing they are killing dozens upon dozens of innocent settlers and their families.(Suggested by raidertech)

The Mafia are those who took on the ideals of old world crime gangs and are out to prove themselves as crime lords again!

Scientia Antiquis or Knowledge of Old are a faction devoted to keeping records of old world knowledge in very valuable books they call "Books of Knowledge".

Cult Of the Bear are Super mutants who believe that the yao guai are superior being’s and should be worshiped, they wear bearskin outfits so the yao guai believe the mutants are one of them.(Suggested by raidertech)

Followers of The Dragon are Super mutants that have managed to befriend the mighty Deathclaw and will happily fight along them in their aid!

The Tinkerers are raiders who have a gift for modifying weapons to them even better than before, with this knowledge they hope to lay waste to their foes.

The Last Talon Company have traveled far from DC to come compete in the commonwealth!

Corrupt Police are just like standard wasteland protection but tend to do sketchy deals on the side.

Corrupt SWAT are just like their police counter parts but even more geared for battle!

US Military Remnants are lead by inhabitants of vaults that plan to rebuild the military as it once was.

Mailers are exactly what you think...they deliver mail to the settlements around the common wealth!

Genus Domini are a group of crazed killers that are travelers from the Mojave desert, some say they're former Caesar's Legion!

Raiders of Atom is a group that worships atom but are very shifty characters....seeking to kill as sacrifices to their god.

Milkmen deliver milk from Brahmin to settlements around the commonwealth!

Chem Runners are those who run VERY seriously strong chems to raiders and forged around the wasteland! 

The script used to add the NPCs into the game was made by: a_blind_man