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Get dirty while exploring the wasteland. Take a bath to get clean again.

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Get dirty while exploring the wasteland. Take a bath to get clean again.


  • Dirtiness has four dirt tiers: clean, soiled, dirty and filthy. 

  • Dirt effects are applied to player character’s skin over time.

  • Optional, dirt effects are applied to armor and clothes.

  • Each dirt tier has its individual 4k texture for the dirt effect. 

  • The duration for each dirt tier is configurable through the MCM.

  • Optional, dirt radiation hazard feature (toggle and configurable and through the MCM).

Dirt Radiation Hazard (optional)

  • Filthy tier makes the player character suffer from dirt radiation damage over time. Time to stay filthy without radiation damage is configurable between 1 to 48 hours. Depending to the time set you will receive a radiation hazard notification when exposed (1 to 4 hours before the damage starts) and when contaminated. Dirt radiation hazard status is also shown in your Pip-Boy.

  • Dirt radiation applies a constant radiation damage effect (max +10 rads) that will kill you over time, if you don't wash off the radioactive dirt. The strenght of the dirt radiation damage is depending to your endurance perks and ranks (Rad Resist and Ghoulish). Taking medicine can reduce the effect and with the Rad Resist and the Ghoulish perks the strenght of radiation damage can be reduced to minimum of +1 rads. Distance for fast travelling depends on your health and perks, as the damage will not stop (!) when fast travelling.

  • To heal the dirt radiation damage take a bath or use a shower. Alternatively, you can use a decontamination arch or go to the doctor. Decontamination arch and doctor will only heal the dirt radiation damage, but not wash off the dirt (so you will stay filthy and soon suffer again from the dirt radiation hazard). 

  • You can get fully immune to dirt radiation hazard with the 2nd rank of the Aquaboy or Aquagirl perk.  


  • Bathing will wash off all dirt effects (including blood splatters, poison and dirt from insects, etc.) and stop dirt radiation damage.

  • Cleaning requires: swimming in water, taking a shower or bath, using a piece of soap.

  • For swimming any pool or open water source will work (as long as your character starts swimming). The bathing process starts after swimming 6 game time minutes. All durations are configurable through the MCM.

  • For taking a shower or bath you can use any working shower or bath from CWSS Redux and B.Y.O.P. Build Your Own Pool.

  • For using a piece of soap simply drop a piece of soap. On activate a menu will open and you can choose to get washed or pick up the soap. You can also use the soap as marker for new cleaning stations, e.g. in player homes.


  • This mod supports all bath and shower furnitures from CWSS Redux and B.Y.O.P. Build Your Own Pool and, of course, all buildable pools and water sources from any other mod, e.g. SOEP Settlement Objects Expansion Pack, etc. 

  • If CWSS is installed the mod will suppress its own dirtiness notifications and apply its dirt tiers corresponding to the CWSS cleanliness states.

  • If you prefer to use the CWSS dirt effects, you can choose to apply the CWSS dirt textures instead of the mods own dirt textures through the MCM. Then, the mod lets you wash off the CWSS dirt effects (also at any SOEP or BYOP pool or shower).


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