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Doubles base resistance of Marine Assault Helmet while also reducing base weight by 30%. Can also add ballistic weave and misc (ultra light, deep pocketed, etc) to helmets, and craft them. Requires Marine Armor Expanded.

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So I am a HUGE fan of the Marine Assault armor set, and I when I found the Buffed Marine Armor mod I was ecstatic.  Made the marine armor worth using again.  However to my dismay, I found out the mod buffed everything except... that's right, the helmet.  So I decided eh, what the hell, try out FO4edit and see what I can do about that.

End result?  Marine Assault Helmet with base damage resistance of 28, and base carry weight of 7.  However since you can only get the ones with the assault materials, it results in a final DR of 33 and carry weight of 11.

Also to make it somewhat more... entertaining, I also removed the fact that it covers your characters eyes, meaning you can wear goggles or glasses underneath.  However since I am completely new to this, I can't say anything about clipping that is bound to occur.

Might want to place it in the bottom of your load order for now.

Will probably conflict with any mods that modify the marine helmet.

Edit: Compatible with AWKCR (probably also needs it, not 100% sure)
Compatible with Marine Helmet Tactical Hood
Compatible with my ~85 other mods, so it should be ok for almost anything

Removed AE requirement. 
Added in Misc mod ability to helmet (ie deep pocketed, ultra light, etc)

Added in the ability to craft helmets.  Can be found in Chem station under Utilities.  Just an FYI, requires Armorer and Science 4, and quite a few materials.

Will not work without that mod.  Added add-ons to helmet allowing for light  build, ultra light build, biocomm mesh.

Added ballistic weave capability to the helmet
Added in Marine Armor Expanded color compatibility to helmet
WIP: adding in misc mod capability to helmet.  Currently arguing with FO4Edit, and losing, so I may end up having to use the Armorsmith Extended format, which I don't want to do, since that will then make AE a required mod for this file.