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Castle Wall and Tower at Sanctuary, Minimal Mod Requirement for Install.

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Many players would like a wall for sanctuary, here is my rendition. Also included is a Wizard Tower for use as a player home or whatever you like. There are some requirements.

1. F4SE of course

2. Transfer Duh

3. Something to break your build border. I use Build High: 

4. Infinite Building supply mod, I use new infinite settlement budget plugin:

5. Sanctuary Clean and smooth. May work just as well without it, you tell me. Available on bethnet:

and these mods which add necessary elements to the build menu, all on the nexus, use the search function:

6. Castle in the Sky (you'll also need the master plan)

The following mods ARE NOT NECESSARY to have a good time with this blueprint. They add specifics elements which may or may not be to your taste, they are good mods though:

7. Northland Diggers

For the grass and trees, and the garden pictured in the Cul-de-sac

8. Homemaker

I think its just for the statue on the tower.

9. Workshop Rearranged

a pain in the butt to work with, but damn when you get your load order right its amazing. I have no why idea why its required. probably a brick wall somewhere. not needed.

10. Snappy Builds

again, not sure where i used elements from this, maybe some deco elements, shouldn't be necessary for the wall or tower.

11. Settlement Objects Expansion Pack

not necessary, cul-de-sac garden waterfall only.

12. Sandbag Fortification

There is a single guard tower on the south side of the bridge. Not necessary.

I hope you all enjoy this build as much as i enjoyed creating it.

.zip file contains the following path F4SE\plugins\transfersettlements\blueprints\1\[.json here] so perhaps install with NMM works? if not, you know the drill. Move my .json into a blueprint file, and away you go. 

Shout out to Fallout 4 Settlement Building, the best group on FB for Fallout 4 Settlements!