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NPC combat AI has been improved.

This mod removes bullet sponges at high levels by reducing hp gained by levels to half that of vanilla F4 (for both the player and NPCs).

Weapon damage has been rebalanced.

(I have made another mod that I think is even more interesting called Deadly Wasteland. Check it out and chose

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Fallout 4 is a great game. But the combat difficulty is very uneven. By the end there is no challenge in many combats. Only Nuka World raiders and the like gives a challenge. This mod seeks to fix that by giving you that challenge in most combats. 

The idea of the mod is not to change Fallout 4s combat alot but rather keep you in that zone where you are always challenged (always an actionhero never a superhero). If you prefer enemies to die much faster take a look at my other variant of this mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/29172). 

This mod removes the biggest bullet sponges at high levels by reducing hp gained by levels to half that of vanilla F4 (for both the player and NPCs). Neither the highest level enemies or you the player character will now reach absurd amounts of hp. 

Enemy combat AI is now more intelligent and dangerous. It tries to flank you and is more aggresive. When you sneak attack a group they will start searching in the general direction from the gunfire trails, sounds etc and they will be less likely to go give up searching for you. 

Weapon damage has been rebalanced. Damage of revolvers, bolt action, laser, shotguns, miniguns etc have gone up alot. For example hunting rifle damage from 37 to 80. Minigun from 8 to 16. More types of weapons are useful. Gauss rifles, handmade rifles etc are the same as before and probably the best allround weapons. But the others have been brought close to their level, helps NPCs alot. Also gives the player free choice what gear to use and still be great at killing. Melee weapons have also gotten some increases for some types (chinese swords, power fist etc). This means NPCs can always do decent damage to you and not only the Nuka World raiders and their handmade rifles.

Low level enemies like raiders, ghouls etc have had their hp increased. A low level raider had 30 hp and a veteran raider 500+ before. Now a low level raider will have alot more hp (low 100s) but the veteran raider less (due to half hp per level). This makes for a more even challenge in combat yet at the same time lets you get that rpg feeling of becoming more and more powerful. Alongside new damage values for weapons and increased armor rating for low level armor this makes low level enemies very dangerous out of the vault. A raider has the same hp as you and until you get some armor, damage perks etc he will be a challenge. A high level sole survivor will still kill raiders by the dozens but they deal good damage even at high levels so be careful. Take cover and use tactics, also plan your healing!

This mod makes it more likely you get legendary weapon drops that are good by replacing alot of the bad drops with effects like +40% or +50% damage. You are now much more likely to find a plasma rifle, minigun, gatling laser etc that does +50% extra damage.

This mod also removes IWIN buttons for the player. The legendary effects that destroyed any enemy even if they had thousands of hp (explosive, furious) has been removed and replaced with flat damage bonuses (explosive still has a small explosive effect because it looks pretty cool). The highest bonuses are still things with twoshot, instagating, explosive and furious (these all add +50% damage, just as good as the old two shot but with one projectile). This brings legendary items more in line with how unique weapons functioned in F3 and New Vegas.

Legendary enemies had a short damage buff, this has been removed.

Legendary armor bonuses have been reduced for things like sentinel (standing still has you take less damage). In vanilla it was possible to become immune to all damage while standing still with all slots sentinel (was 15% per piece now is 5% per piece).

Stimpaks take longer to heal and cannot be stacked untop of themselves (doing so just resets the timer as new one starts). In vanilla F4, even on survival, you can spam 18 stimpaks while time is paused for near instant healing as an IWIN button. The Medic perk adds +50% healing/rank (base healing for a stimpak is 60 hp over 30 seconds, becomes 180 hp with medic rank 4). Just like New Vegas hardcore mode stimpaks no longer fixes crippled limbs. Food and drink no longer heals, chems like jet is less powerful.

Assualtron eye laser damage and some turrets had their damage reduced to be more in line with other attacks in the game (were very high). Assultron eye laser damage is still very high but somewhat lower. Laser turrets now deal similiar damage to eachother ( a few had much higher damage). Vertibirds have higher base hp. Lower level deathclaws have alot more base hitpoints. Highest level deathclaws unchanged.

Most clothes and headgear now accepts ballistic weave.

You now take normal damage while in VATS. Just like in New Vegas VATS no longer reduces incoming damage by 90%!

This is the final version of the mod.