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Flatbush71 aka Buck with the guidance of Coach RedRocketTV

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This mod is a complimentary to the fabulous player homes that RedRocketTV created. It adds multiple robot model kits throughout the Commonwealth to place on the robot model displays in the homes. Its a lot more fun to find them in the wild rather than Bat filing or consoling them in, don't ya think ?

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This is my first mod after nine years on the Nexus , so be kind.
I felt after all the years of enjoyment I have received from all the mods on the Nexus I should try and do my part to help out at least just a little.
Therefore I'm going to attempt to make a few complimentary mods for some of my favorites.

This adds 32 robot model kits to the Commonwealth to put on display in RedRocketTV's fantastic homes.
They are all in interior locations and in plain site upon entering the locations.

I would also strongly suggest getting 
Robot Model Kit 4K Retextures and Collectible Boxes