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(Requires The Prototype Gauss Rifle from the Bethesda Creation Club)Removes the Prototype Gauss rifle from adding itself vendor inventories after completing the quest

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Im not putting this on bethesdas.net because i dont know if i cant put mods on there that edit creation club stuffs 

Didnt find this anywhere, so i guess i'll make it,  I loved the design on the prototype Gauss rifle, but it was supposed to be a unique weapon, adding it to vendors as well as to the quest ruined it once you obtained the weapon

The prototype Gauss rifle is a prototype, seems whoever made it forgot that the rifle is a prototype for a reason, it was not mass produced or commercially available so why does it become readily available 200 years after the great war as far as this weapon goes, it was used in the battle of anchorage, aside from anchorage there was only one that the lone wander was able to get during broken steel,  even in fallout new vegas they were scarce (although the silver rush loves selling them and you can get a bunch in big mountain, but that was a secret science place so i guess they would have access to more, 50% guess. 50% fact)

this mod (should) make this weapon no longer appear in vendor inventories like it normally does once the quest is complete, there was a little script at the end of the quest that injected it to the vendor inventories but with this file it will no longer do so

but that's enough justifying the lore behind it

this file stops the creation club creation being placed into vendors after the quest, makes it a truly unique weapon

requires the creation from the creation club,

i have tested this over about 5 vendor resets and it has not appeared, however if it does, the script was a lie and tell me and i'll make this file go ka-puff