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Ever felt like the Syringer was pretty much obsolete by the time you found/got your first one? Have I got a mod for you! Tiered syringes with old & new effects, progressing effect magnitudes, perk & ingredient requirements.

Permissions and credits
Added tiers to syringes, requiring progressively more of the same & some extra ingredients as well as ranks in the Chemist perk line.
Vanilla syringes are tier 1 and mostly unchanged, except the recipes yield 3 items in one go. Tier 2 yields two, and tiers 3 & 4 only yield one syringe.

Please leave a comment/bugreport if something doesn't work, isn't quite right or if you plain don't like something, e.g. it's overpowered or the choice of ingredients doesn't make sense. I'll try my best to fix/adjust it. I really like the idea of the Syringer and want it to be a viable and at least somewhat balanced option throughout the entire game.

NEW in version 1a: the Bloodfreeze syringe, in two flavours: regular and Paralyzing!
NEW in version 1b: Two new syringe types, Skinburn (burns & demoralizes target) & Healing (people of the Commonwealth hate needles so aim carefully), fixes to recipes requiring the wrong, unobtainable kind of purified water and minor adjustments.

The poisonous syringes progress like so:
T0: Bleedout - 45 DAM over 15 s, no perks
T1: Radscorpion Venom - 75 DAM over 10 s, requires Chemist 1
T2: Potent Radscorpion Venom - 125 DAM over 10 s, requires Chemist 2
T3: Concentrated Radscorpion Venom - 200 DAM over 5 s, requires Chemist 3
T4: Mad Chemist Special - 500 DAM over 5 s, requires Chemist 4

Endangerol removes 25% DR at tier 1, as in the vanilla game, and tiers 2 & 3 remove 50% and 65%, respectively.
Lockjoint and Pax have only one improved tier, prolonging effects up to 20s for the former and 1 hour for the latter.
Berserk at tiers 2 & 3 should affect enemies up to levels 50 and 1000 (basically uncapping the effect level).
Yellow Belly at tier 2 should affect level 1000 enemies as well.

I'm still green at modding so all criticism and helpful tips are welcome, especially regarding balance/economy issues as I haven't extensively tested this yet.