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I am aiming to restore content that was cut from the Fallout 4 DLC and eventually from the main game as well.
VR & regular Fallout 4 Compatible

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Fallout 4 DLC Cut Content Restoration Project

Version 0.5b
Restored Dusty's holotape to the power plant
Re-added some unused/cut static meshes around the Nuka-World Bottling Plant

In progress for upcoming version:
texturing & adding collision to cut game booths
placement of said game booths
placement of cut Cappy figures
going through cut quests

This is a VERY early iteration of this mod. I am working on it in between working on the Fallout 4 VR Optimization Project and other projects I am a part of.

The first goal is to restore as much cut content to Nuka-World as possible, followed by Far-Harbor, and the other DLCs. 
Once those are finished I will attempt to restore as much cut content from the base game as possible.

This will include quests, objects, holotapes, notes and whatever else I can happen accross.
I will not do weapons though, there is already a mod aimed at restoring cut weapons here

Download and install via your favorite mod manager
Extract the esp into your Fallout 4/Fallout 4 VR data folder

I put this under the VR category as I am developing it for Fallout 4 VR but it is fully compatible with regular Fallout 4 :)