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For Fallout 4 VR. Simple ini tweak to position the power armor HUD in VR in a less intrusive way, only visible when you look down, more akin to the standard compass.

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Simply change these settings in your Fallout4VRCustom.ini file in Documents\Games\Fallout4VR\

; Power Armor Frame
fPowerArmorOverlay_ForwardDistance= 27
fPowerArmorOverlay_MaxAngleLeft= 0 //15
fPowerArmorOverlay_MaxAngleRight= 0 //15
fPowerArmorOverlay_MaxAngleUp = 90 //0
fPowerArmorOverlay_MaxAngleDown = 40 //10

fPowerArmorOverlay_Helmet_TranslateX= 0
fPowerArmorOverlay_Helmet_TranslateY = -15 //-10 // +Away -Towards
fPowerArmorOverlay_Helmet_TranslateZ = -25 // -16 // +Up -Down
fPowerArmorOverlay_Helmet_RotateX = -30 // -Towards you +Away from you
fPowerArmorOverlay_Helmet_RotateY = 0
fPowerArmorOverlay_Helmet_RotateZ = 0
fPowerArmorOverlay_Helmet_Scale = 1.0 //0.7

I spent a little while tweaking these through the console in-game, but clearly not as little time as Bethesda did - some of the UI
behaviour is atrocious. Thankfully this one is quite fixable. I think it could be improved more by killing the PA model and just having an
overlay. The model is quite obnoxious.