Fallout 4
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Adds the ability to catch 2 new feline creatures in the Cat Cage from the Wasteland Workshop DLC to add flavor to player settlements.

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The original cat cage from the Wasteland Workshop only allowed players to catch the grey tabby house cat. This mod gives players the chance of catching two new feline creatures with the cage. The new cats are Mr. Pebbles the First Cat in Space in his space suit and my Griffon cat named Glyphon.And like the grey cat Mr. Pebbles and Glyphon also provide 10 points of Happiness to the settlements they are in. 

There are two mod files.

Stand Alone Version (Recommended version): creates a new cage in the Small Cages Category called Shadow's Cat Creature Cage. It does not touch or edit the vanilla cat cage. Use this version if you have other mods that change the vanilla cat cage like diversified cats. 

Default Cage Version: uses the vanilla cat cage from wasteland workshop. This version will have issues with any other mod that edits the same cat cage.

Because this mod is designed to utilize the Cages, the Wasteland Workshop DLC is Required for it to work.