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Fed up with the only mods for Saitama being ludicrously overpowered? Here is the solution, legitimate build, legitimate game setup and a berserker's power fist.

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It's a simple story to get to this save, I wanted to create Saitama from One Punchman in fallout 4 in the most legitimate way possible. I personally don't like rolling around the wasteland ludicrously overpowered like the few mods out there. A little research into the legendary prefixes brought me to the Berserker's prefix. 200% damage if you have 0 resistance, and therein is the challenge of this save.

The save starts outside vault 111 with a premade Saitama, his build is 9 strenght, 9 agility and 6 luck and he is holding a Berserker's Powerfist.

Bear in mind your awesome punching powers will gradually lessen the more armor you wear, play it smart and get the first hit.

You can find the awesome retexture mod used in this video from this mod here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/510/?