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Give those dirty wastelanders some new fashion!

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Description :

Since Horizon changes every aspect of the game, additional patching is required to make things work. It's a tedious and painfull task and even more for those who don't know sh*t about modding. So I've decided to do my best and make things better for all of us who can't stand the crappy vanilla experience, playing with our beloved Horizon mod!

Please bear in mind that I'm not a "professional" modder or so to say, I'm doing my best with the little free time that I have.

To everyone: Do NOT update the original weapon mod UNLESS i release the updated patch here, otherwise things will not behave as intended. And if you have any sort of bug, check the original weapon mod page on the comments or bugs section FIRST before reporting here.

Remember to ALWAYS check the POSTS and FORUM sections, since the front page is only updated with basic information regarding what mods are patched and their versions.


REQUIRES Horizon v1.5.3
REQUIRES Enhanced Commonwealth Wardrobe v1.0 (Vanilla Body version/No Blue Tape) - Other versions may be patched in the future.

The .esp plugins should be ALWAYS be placed after Z_Horizon.esp
<Armor mods>
<Armor and weapon mods patches>
<Z_Horizon patches (DefUI, Armorsmith, etc>
Enhanced Commonwealth Wardrobe.esp

Patch Details:

-Reworked clothing and avalues to match with Horizon's edits. Some of the clothing will have different stats than the ones you'll see in Horizon, that's on purpose because I feel that the amazing work made by the author deserves to stand out from the other armors and clothes you see in the game, and properly balanced for Horizon. 

-Still needs some small tweaks on the leveled lists.


-Be very careful when using other clothing mods like The Mercenary or Eli's Armor Compendum as it can cause conflicts with this mod as they touch the same NPCs in some cases, but not all of them (That's not a issue with the mod or the patch, mind you). You may not see some of the new clothing appear on NPC's and/or clothing from the other armor mods,  either load this mod after the aforementioned ones, or before them, the one with the lowest place in the load order will take the higher priority. 


zawinul, for creating Horizon

Morphion, for creating Enhanced Commonwealth Wardrobe