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Author: GovnoWriter
Language: English
Version: 4.1  Update 1.13.18

             Always make a spare to save the game. 

 Mod conditions does not apply on DLCs (but the mod works and with the DLC)
Version: 4.1
-  Small bugs fixes

Description: The raiders and gunners combined into one faction, the raiders. 
The chance of having firearms 3% (except for some weapons). 
The probability of occurrence of ammunition 3%. 

The likelihood of medicines 3%. The probability of occurrence of loot after death (except for armor) 3%. 
The chance of occurrence of different items in containers of 3%.The probability of dropping out of legendary items 3%. 
A very limited range items merchants. The raiders faction is stronger now. 

97% of your enemies have only melee weapons.Save the cartridges, they weight in gold.
Firearms became much more dangerous and useful only if you have ammo for it.
Now the bullets in the sale is a very good luck.

This mod is not compatible with mods that change original weapons, raiders, gunners, level lists and others like mods. 
To fully feel the atmosphere of the mod you want to start a new game.

This mod is only for those who used to survive.

   Added optional file  "Survival-pro DLCs" with a melee weapon from the DLCs  (need DLCs: Automatron, Far-Harbor and Nuka-World)

Some explanation: 1) now you have to kill Kyle from diamond city.

Install only one file.
Installation: Copy all files from archive in the data folder.