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Prostitute Outfit inspired by Fallout New Vegas' Prostitute Outfit.

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This mod adds a lore-friendly Prostitute Outfit to the game inspired by the Fallout: New Vegas' Chained Prostitute Outfit.


- Supports MALE and FEMALE characters along with EVB and CBBE bodies.
- A NMM Installer which allows you to choose which body and which version to install.
- Two versions of the mod : Standalone and/or Replacer. You can choose any of the two or both.
- OPTIONAL - If Standalone version is chosen, it is craftable at the Armorsmith Extended Workbench under CLOTHING - SKIMPY category.
- OPTIONAL - If Replacer version is chosen, it replaces the Tattered Rags outfit in the game which is also worn by Nuka-World slaves, thus makes them look like prostitutes.


Please install the mod using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) and follow the simple installation.


Q1 - Why make this ?
A1 - The inspiration for this just came to me randomly. I was looking through some old Fallout outfits and stumbled upon this one. I'm not really a fan of slutty looking outfits, but the chains caught my attention so I took it upon myself as a challenge to see if I could create the chains as a wearable accessory. Then once I made the chains other things sort of got together. Then I also made a male version because we do not discriminate in the Crimson Land and voila ^^

Now the slaves in Nuka-World will look a tiny bit better.

Q2 - Bodyslide support ?
A2 - There is a tutorial on how to make Bodyslide support for my mods available here. I don't provide Bodyslide support because it burns me out.