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Replaces all Fusion Cores in Generators with plausibly drained FCs.

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- Have Another Realistically Drained Core -

1. Intent

H.A.R.D.Core asks the question "Why is that FC I just pulled out of a generator that's been running along idle for roughly 200 years at 100% charge?". The first FC you pull in the Museum of Freedom uses a little trick to spawn at 50% charge so the player can't use Power Armor straight away with the Core found below Red Rocket. H.A.R.D.Core imitates this trick and expands upon it. The aim is to make this little detail more plausible but also to further encourage the player to use means to craft or recharge FCs (provided by other mods). We found that, even with no FCs in random ammo boxes, the FCs you pull from generators can get you pretty far on their own and with thorough scavenging, we still did not need to use e.g. Horizons FC crafting system.

2. Features
  • Replaces 62 instances (those found sitting in a common Fusion Generator) of the common Fusion Core object (AmmoFusionCore) with a Leveled-List-spawned version with charges ranging between 15% and 95%.
  • Remaining charge is loosely tied to the location: Inhabitated places will replace drained cores and thus have a higher chance of well charged cores. Abandoned places have a higher chance to spawn low charge cores.
  • Changes the Fusion Generator script so that the attached light stays off when you pull the core. This is essentially the same as Fusion Generator Lights Fix - we learned this after publishing H.A.R.D.Core.

3. Compatibility
Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka World are required. We will not provide a no-DLC version so don't ask.

To be able to replace all these cores, H.A.R.D.Core overrides the references that place these FCs and thus copies the cells where this is the case. As it does not actually change anything except the object that gets placed, it is compatible with all mods that change something about these locations and can be safely overridden by other mods.

The file contains a file override for FusionGeneratorSCRIPT.pex (which controls the light and sound FX of the generator). We're not aware of any mod that also replaces this could have issues. As this replacement is purely cosmetic (it just leaves the attached light disabled at its end) it can be safely overridden by other mods.

If you want to check for compatibility, the file contains a CSV list of all changed FCs in Data\Scripts\Source\HARDCore_Locations.csv.

We recommend using H.A.R.D.Core together with mods that reduce loot, like Horizon, FROST or Fallout 4 Loot Overhaul. We also recommend Some Assembly Required for the best effect.

Alternatively, if you're still undecided about a loot overhaul, Damn Apocalypse includes everything H.A.R.D.Core does. It is our own take on loot distribution for survival mode and is designed to make other loot and economy mods unnecessary.

4. Installation / Uninstallation

Best used on new savegames: Cores that have spawned already, e.g. in a cell that you've visited before installing H.A.R.D.Core, will remain at 100% charge.

Install using your favorite mod manager or manually by extracting the archive to your Data\ folder.

Uninstalling should not cause any problems - it's never been an actually safe process though. You have been warned.

5. Misc

Made using the Creation Kit and xEdit.

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